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Top 5 Songwriting Tips from Professional Songwriters

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We frequently hear advice for budding fiction writers being given to musicians as well: don’t force it, be true to yourself, and—most importantly—keep creating! Here are the top five advice items gleaned from top talented songwriters. Every songwriter has their own unique style, but there are some important techniques you should know. You can learn how to start writing a song for beginners with

If you are a beginner looking for tips and want to get started with the right inspiration, then you might find a music blog to be very useful. The following is a short compilation of some of the best advice collected from amazing artists over the years:

Don’t Force It

To find the good stuff, you need to let yourself go, amass a lot of trash, and then sort through it. It can’t be hurried. Many times, all you need to do is pick up the guitar and start playing. If a song doesn’t come, move on to anything else (like cleaning the house or listening to music) and return to writing later.

At some point, your internal judgment has to step in and make the decision, but in the early stages of the creative process, you have to remove yourself from everything that has to do with the creative process. If you turn off the judgment in your mind, you will usually find that music just flows pretty effortlessly.

  • Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls)


There is a good place for confidence. Wear your confidence and put your thoughts in your lyrics with great responsibility. Even though the optimal approach to making art is always humility. If you make songs, you have a gift, and you have to make the best out of it without having any doubts or second thoughts.

Don’t be shy about putting up with the awful songs. Be expressive and appreciate the amazing songs, too, regardless of whether or not you are the one who wrote them. There is no need to lose hope; songwriting is a mysterious art, and perseverance will eventually result in good music, so don’t give up.

  • Ethan Fortenberry of Ethansroom

Improve But Not To Death

Garden City is a songwriting team that focuses on authenticity and rawness in its music. The two constantly critique each other’s work in an effort to improve it, but at the same time, they also recognize the value of an unplanned creative outburst when it occurs.

As crucial as revision is, it shouldn’t be done in such a way that it extinguishes the original inspiration’s flame. Whether it’s an earworm chorus melody, a wonderfully worded lyric, or a great riff, the first concept for a song is usually what sticks, and striving to perfect what is intrinsically subjective is doomed to be an uphill battle.

  • Dan DeCristofaro of Garden City

Lyrics And Melody

People enjoy listening to music because they have a sense of melody, but few people attend poetry readings because melody gives language’s flat, two-dimensional surface a sense of depth.

We are also unique in that we are able to speak complicated languages, which sets us apart from other species. Having the ability to convey ideas and feelings well is undeniably beautiful.

Some authors make the claim that they are only capable of writing lyrics or melodies, and while everyone has their areas of expertise, effective writers need to be proficient in all disciplines.

Language naturally encourages rhythm and tension and release through melody thanks to its natural flow and meaning. It would be unfair to each part to ignore how interdependent they are.

  • Caitlin Anselmo of Carousel Rogues

Input To Output Ratio

If the Grammy-winning teachers have stressed anything, it’s that writing decent songs requires a great understanding of music.

Reading can get monotonous. That is common knowledge. However, it broadens your vocabulary, and every book is a miniature world with its unique dictionary of songwriting inspiration. In addition, you need to broaden your musical horizons to the point of breaking if you want to get the best out of yourself.

Get yourself familiar with a lot of country music if you don’t like it to understand why. You will undoubtedly discover something that will help you to hone your own idea.

  • Megan Davies

Final Words

Take it slow and easy but follow your own vibe. Focus on what can make your music better, not what is imperfect about your music. A positive approach with the right knowledge goes a long way.

Music is a beautiful thing. Even though it is important to give your best, too much critical thinking can just kill the spark of it in a snap. These are some of the advice from a couple of talented musicians to help awaken the light and motivation within an aspiring artist.

Keep all of these at the back of your mind while working on your masterpiece, and you’ll be amazed at the drastic change in outcome.

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