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How a lot will Tosca Musk net worth 2022?

South African-Canadian-American filmmaker Tosca Musk Tosca was a government producer and director for internet content, TV shows, and function films. She is likewise Elon Musk’s more youthful sister, a famous billionaire, and an entrepreneur. You would possibly study Tosca Musk net worth 2022 in this article.

Early life

Tosca Musk changed into born on July 20, 1974, in South Africa. She grew up with her brothers Elon and Kimbal in Johannesburg. Her dad has been an electromechanical designer, pilot, and mariner, whilst her mother has functioned as a version and dietitian.

She stayed with her mom after her dad and mom break up. In 1990, she enlisted in the College of English Columbia and graduated in 1997.


Tosca Musk age coordinated and created many films including “Confused”, “Reality on the subject of Miranda”, ” Savage World,”, “, and the Weighty “. Tiki Bar TV, an internet series, was also being produced by her and Jeff Macpherson.

The leader government officer and co-founding father of Passionflix are Tosca. Passionflix was created in 2017 with the aid of using creator Joany Kane and manufacturer Jina Panebianco to convey the best-promoting romance novels to the large screen.

Tosca Musk’s Kids

Tosca Musk has children of her own. Grayson and Isabeau are her twin children. After Tosca Musk registered her use as a sperm donor, she gave delivery a child.

Tosca Musk net worth 2022

As of 2022, it is estimated that she will have approximately $2 million.

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