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Types of incense cones

Incense, the art of using incense for spiritual or meditative purposes, dates back to the fifth millennium BCE. Incense has been used in religious ceremonies all around the world to bring people closer with their deities and express love towards them. Different incense cones have different scents that help you elevate your moods and give you a sense of peace and elation.

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Types of incense cones:

The types of incense cones available in the market include:

1) Ones for diffusion incense

2) Ones used to create a pleasant mood. This incense provides a simple way to add positive energy into your life, whether you’re relaxing at home or at work.

3) Incense cones for meditation incense

4) Incense cones that help you achieve spiritual enlightenment. These incense cones are used for different purposes like to attain the highest level of concentration and focus, heightening one’s imagination, deep meditation and lucid dreaming.

5) Ones for purifying incense

6) Incense cones used in yoga to increase your stamina, flexibility and strength while also controlling your mind for peak performance.

7) Incense cones used in massage therapy to relief stress and pain. They provide a sense of well-being making them great additions to aromatherapy treatments. Those suffering from deteriorating health conditions should take note that these incenses may not be good for them as they may cause health problems.

8) Incense cones used to create an atmosphere of universal harmony and peace.

9) Incense cones used in Feng Shui. These incenses are believed that any space or object should be strengthened with positive energy, which is what these incense cone do through the unique scent they produce.

10) Incense cones used for meditation and ritual: If you’re looking to cleanse your house from negative energies, this particular incense may help you achieve it as it’s basically a strong type of purifying incense cone.

It only takes seconds for the odor to fill your room and dissipate all those negative forces around you. This kind of incense is also good for cleansing yourself from past relationships or incidences where you felt threatened, neglected or completely left out.

Once these incenses are used to purify yourself from all those negative incidences, you can then use incense cones for meditation incense to enhance the experience of cleansing yourself.

11) Incense cone used to cleanse yourself from negative emotions like anger, frustration, intolerance and etc. Once again, these incenses are potent so it’s important not to overuse them as they may cause more harm than good.

12) Incense cones used to boost your mood and energy levels. Some of these incenses use the flavors of some natural spices as well as herbs for maximum effect.

13) Incense cones used for spiritual purposes. These incense cones help the users achieve enlightenment, connect with their spiritual guides or just transform themselves into a better person by focusing on their desires and visualizing them through the incense’s odor.


These incense cones can be found in most stores that deal with incense and scented candles. If you’re looking to buy incense cones online, check out your local or favorite online store where they offer different types of incenses for sale at different prices.

It’s important to note that not all incenses are good for you, so make sure you do a lot of research on the incense cone you plan on buying to ensure its benefits and effects before making your purchase.

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