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What Causes Power Surges? A Prevention Guide

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Are you having a hard time sleeping because of power surges? Are you worried that your tech devices and sensitive appliances are not protected from surges? When you have a power surge, it’s hard to say what the exact cause is but there are some major reasons that cause it.

If you want to learn more about power surges and how you can prevent them, keep reading. We’re going to help you out with all your questions.

What Causes Power Surges

A power surge is a sudden increase in electricity flowing through a circuit. These spikes in electrical current can damage your electronics and disrupt your power supply.

There are a few different things that can cause a power surge, including lightning strikes, downed power lines, and faulty wiring. While you can’t always prevent a power surge from happening, there are a few things you can do to protect your electronics.

Preventing a Power Surge

Investing in surge protectors is a good first step, as this will help to absorb any excess electricity. You should also unplug any electronics that you’re not using during a storm, as this can help to prevent damage.

Keep an eye on your electrical system and be sure to have any repairs done as soon as possible. By following these steps, you can help to reduce the risk of damage from a power surge.

Power Surge Damage

A power surge is an unexpected increase in voltage that can damage electronic equipment. The cause of a power surge can be a lightning strike, a downed power line, or a problem with the electrical grid. Power surges can also be caused by equipment failures, such as a short circuit.

To prevent power surge damage, unplug electronic equipment when not in use, and use surge protectors to protect equipment from voltage spikes. If a power surge does occur, unplug equipment immediately and have it checked by a qualified electrician before using it again.

Have their numbers handy to contact them in times of repair, maintenance, and emergencies.

The Dangers of Power Surges

A power surge is an anomaly in the voltage supplied by an electricity source. Surges can come from several sources, the most common being lightning.

Surges can also come from switching electrical equipment on or off, or from downed power lines making contact with each other or with the ground. When a surge enters your home or business through the wiring, it can damage or destroy electronic equipment and appliances.

A power surge protector installed at your main electrical panel can help protect your equipment from damage. If you don’t take care of your appliances and outlets it can dangerous to your home and can be fatal.

How to Respond to a Power Surge

If you experience a power surge in your home, it is important to identify the cause so that you can take steps to prevent it from happening again. The most common causes of power surges are lightning strikes, downed power lines, and overloaded circuits.

If you take steps to protect your home from these hazards, you can minimize the risk of experiencing a power surge.

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