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What is Sedecordle?

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It is one of the many Wordle options floating around the internet in recent times like Nerdle, Dordle, Tridle, Quordle, Octordle, and so on. You could say Sedecordle is the mightiest Wordle alternative if the variety of Wordles is what pursuits you the most. Because in any other case, we might be remiss if we didn’t ask you to take agander at Wordle games like Knot words and Hardle.

When Wordle tasks you with fireless a mysterious 5-letter word, Sedecordle on the other hand, duties you with wireless sixteen 5-letter phrases. These words are all hidden inside the grid in your display screen, and each guess will count toward each word. Which means that your wirelesses wager will observe to all words and their corresponding accurate and wrong letters could be displayed as a consequence?

Much like Wordle, you may use this feedback for proper and incorrect letters to as a consequence frame your next bet. You get a complete of 21 tries when trying to guess all sixteen phrases and greyed-out letters imply that they can’t be used again. Consequently, you’ll be confined from using to be had letters as you progress in the game.


Right here are the outstanding rules that will help you solve daily challenges and keep your streak going.

Sixteen 5-letter words per assignment
21 guess consistent with task
Successfully guessed letters will flip green.
Incorrectly guessed letters will turn grey.
Letters that are inside the word however the incorrect position will turn yellow.
Repeated guesses are allowed.
It will allow using greyed-out letters.
Non-ideal words will turn red.

Sedecordle tips and tricks


Here are a few hints and tricks that will help you preserve your sedecordle game.

You could Wi-Fi transfer among the 16 puzzle boards by clicking on the numbers at the top of the display screen. As an instance, clicking on the variety 3 will take you to the 0.33 puzzle board.

It is always wiser to get our vowels right. A maximum of the phrases will have one or more vowels which can assist us figure out the rest of the letters in the word.

After each strive, check all the 16 puzzle forums to check how many yellow and green letters you have got were given in each phrase. This facilitates us guess words quicker, for the reason that we have most effective 21 attempts.

Is it no working? Here’s the way to restore it

This website normally works with none major system defects. So if you are unable to play the sport, here are some things you have to check that will help you get the whole lot running once more.

Check your internet: We propose you take a look at your internet connectivity and troubleshoot the identical in case you are dealing with network issues. Ninety nine% of the time, network troubles is the reason for web apps no longer working?

Use another network: attempt using some other mobile or laptop tool to get right of entry to If you could access the website, then you may troubleshoot network connectivity to your contemporary tool therefore.

Disable custom DNS providers: custom DNS providers now and again fail to include obscure websites or block the same due to sure necessities no longer being met. if you use a custom DNS provider then it’s miles probable your DNS is having problems with the internet site and you have to strive disabling the same to your device.

Disable VPN: if you have a VPN energetic to your device we advise you try deactivating the same briefly. It is able to be that your presently set vicinity in the VPN has the website blocked which in flip is stopping you from getting access to the identical.

Check your firewall: if you have an automated firewall supervisor then it’s miles probable that the website is dealing with troubles gaining access to its servers due to the firewall guidelines. We recommend you check your firewall for any conflicting regulations and disable the same if needed.

Clean browser cache for this will assist you cast off leftover cache and records that might be inflicting conflicts with your latest challenges.

Last resort: At this point, you may wait some hours and test once more. it is able to be that the website is going through a firewall and might have been taken down.

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