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Who was Mike Wassmer, the CEO of Capital One?

Mike Wassmer, 52, lived with his wife Andrea and their three children in Richmond, Virginia. He was Capital One’s Central Virginia market president there. He served on the boards of several non-profit organizations and was an active and involved community member in his adopted hometown.

On the boards of the Friends Association for the Care and Protection of Children, The Faison Center, and the Full Circle Grief Center, he did some of his best work. Through his involvement with Capital One’s 1717 Innovation Center, he also assisted numerous startups in getting off the ground.

Wassmer was the first person in his family to graduate from college, according to his LinkedIn profile. In 1992, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. In 1994, he went on to earn a Master’s degree in mathematics from Duke University. Wassmer boasts in his bio that he worked while attending school to pay for his own higher education.

Wassmer started playing college football at Lafayette in 1988, and he continued to be an athlete his entire life. One of his greatest sporting accomplishments was winning the Boston Marathon in April 2022. He was also a huge Crossfit fan who consistently ranked among the world’s best charters.

According to Fairbank, he was also a devoted family man who supported his three children in their academic and athletic endeavors by spending “countless hours at swim meets and cheerleading events.”

Wassmer spent 28 years with Capital One

In 1994, Wassmer joined Capital One as a business expert, having been consulted by Fairbank himself. Before eventually becoming the card’s president in 2016, he rose through the ranks to lead the bank’s UK business, Mainstreet Card endeavor and Branded Card business.

Wassmer liked working at Capital One “for the purpose and the people,” in his own words.

“I enjoy working with talented individuals who are attempting completely novel approaches to resolving business issues that necessitate a significant shift in people, procedures, technology, and everything else.

In her statement, Fairbank praised Wassmer’s growth mindset and said, “Mike was a leader, a pioneer, and an innovator. He was a big part of creating a lot of what we are today. And he did it all while maintaining his signature humility and uplifting those around him. We improved as a result of him, we were inspired by him, and we learned from him.

The net worth of Mike Wassmer

The estimated net worth of Michael J. Wassmer as of the 15th of February in 2021 is at least $23.7 million. Wassmer has sold COF stock for over $8,857,141, in addition to owning over 2,081 shares of Capital One stock worth more than $9,247,964.Additionally, as President of the United States Card at Capital One, he earns $5,618,230.

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