ya budu ebat lyrics in english

Ya budu ebat english lyrics translation

The song “ya but bad English” was released in 2020 and is still a popular track in 2022. The singer, composer, and creator of this hit song have accomplished numerous milestones. The band now intends to create additional beats similar to this one.

Soulful Song

It is the kind of song that everyone can relate to. The beat is upbeat and delivers a powerful mental punch. The audience is kept engaged by the repetition of its main lines. Additionally, because it is based on short clips, its hook appears everywhere within the first 15 to 30 seconds. Consequently, it has gained a large following.

Sung by a Russian Singer

The song, which was performed by a Russian singer, is now a worldwide hit. Although the song is sung in Russian, an English translation has been added to make it more understandable to English speakers. The singer is Moreart, a Russian-speaking singer whose viral TikTok videos have gained worldwide attention. He has over 7,000 followers on his Instagram account, but he does not have a bio on Wikipedia.

Amazing Lyrics

The song’s lyrics are not as simple as one might expect. It has seven paragraphs interspersed with beats, and the word “zhasik” is used nearly four times. The song’s title is a cryptic pun on the official currency of Kazakhstan. There are also allusions to a gynecologist and Donald Trump in the lyrics.

TikTok Trending Song

Moreart Feat IHI song is a popular song on TikTok. Its lyrics have inspired numerous dance routines and left many viewers wanting more. The song has been incorporated into the routines of nearly all TikTok users. Furthermore, the tune’s interpretations will most likely make it significantly more well-known!


The Russian version of the song has gone viral on social media. There have been videos online of people eating and dancing to it. The video’s title is “udu eat” and the sound is classified as “#FoodDance.” Additionally, pictures of people eating while dancing to the song have been uploaded by TikTok users. Since it was posted on April 28, 2021, the video has been viewed more than 11 million times and shared three thousand times.

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