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14 Style Rules When Wearing A Suit For Men

Wearing a suit commands attention. And when a man wears one, there’s a certain aura of power and respect attached to it. Arriving at an event wearing a well-designed suit may send a powerful message that you have serious business to accomplish.

Your suit style may depend on the event or the audience you’re expecting. Business events may require conservative suits while less formal occasions such as personal celebrations like weddings may allow you to be fashion-forward.

Today, if you want to convey an air of seriousness or authority, you may wear a suit to emphasize your message like during job interviews, business presentations, and submitting proposals. Men’s suits also communicate class and sophistication, and wearing one may place you in a league of your own. 

Here are style rules men need to remember when wearing a suit:

Unbutton Your Suit Before Sitting Down

Remember to unbutton it before sitting down to eliminate the risk of tearing your suit. 

Always Leave The Last Button Open

Leaving the last button open is a style standard applied to suits, even vests, and double-breasted jackets. 

Never Pair Jacket With Baggy Trousers

Ill-fitted trousers will ruin the elegance of your suit. A suit should fit well and be a bit snug on your body. It shouldn’t be paired with loose-fitting pants because it’ll destroy the symmetry of your clothing. 

The Fabric On The Shoulder Shouldn’t Hang

A perfectly fitted suit rests on your shoulder. The shoulder of the jacket should follow the contour of your shoulders, not extending beyond or falling short. This is the first thing people notice in suits, so you better get this right. Also, this is one of the most challenging parts to alter by the tailor. For perfectly suited men’s suits, check out CALIBRE and others as they have the widest options in men’s clothes and accessories.

Light Pocket Square For Dark Suits

The rules of contrast apply to this element of a suit. Contrasting colors are also a way of harmonizing the look and putting it all together.

Don’t Match Pocket Square With Your Tie

It may seem that matching these two elements will coordinate your look, but it’ll appear dull and too intentional. Instead of matching them, you may play on their color palette to balance the look.

Wear Socks High Enough

The skin on your leg shouldn’t show when you’re sitting down. For this, you must wear dress socks high enough not to expose your skin.

The Color Of Your Shoes Should Complement Your Suit

Shoes complete the look of your suit, but wearing the wrong color may translate to sloppiness and incompetence. Today, you don’t have to wear black shoes all the time. Though it’s the safest to pair with your suit, there are many other options of shoe colors you could match with your outfit. Visit Del Toro Shoes you’ll find the finest selection of men’s Italian loafers online.

A navy-blue suit can be paired with brown or even burgundy dress shoes; a gray suit goes well with black, brown, and oxblood while a charcoal suit goes well with black and burgundy but never brown.

The Tip Of The Tie Should Rest On The Buckle Of The Belt

The length of the front of the tie should rest on the belt buckle, not farther down or up.

The Color Of Tie Should Be In Contrast

Just like the pocket square, the color of the tie should be in contrast with your suit.

Suspenders Or Belts? 

Choose between the two because you can’t wear both at the same time. It’ll look tacky and not well thought out.

Jacket Should Be Long Enough

If you’re wondering about the length of your jacket, the rule of thumb is it should cover the zipper of your trousers. 

Pant Hem Should Be At The Top Of Your Shoe

The length of their pants is another thing that confuses many men. The hem of your pants should be resting at the top of your shoe. Longer pants will give your pant break a crumpled look. A pant break is the weight of the fabric when it hits your shoe. Having no pant break is also a trend nowadays, though this may look too casual and would expose the skin on your leg while sitting down, which is one of the rules in wearing a suit.

Don’t Pile Up On Accessories

Accessories can jazz up your suit, but just because you have many accessories doesn’t mean you can wear all of them. If you already have pocket trousers and a tie clip, there’s no need for a lapel pin or lapel flower. The presence of all those accessories could be distracting.


Creating a sophisticated image for some men may be tricky, but you can never go wrong with the proper knowledge and the best source of quality clothing.
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