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The Seven Biggest Benefits of Glass Jars for Storage

Raise your glass! Americans recycled 3.1 million tons of glass containers in 2018, and they likely used even more containers that year. Glass jars are one of the most popular kinds of glass containers. When you’re thinking about reusable storage, glass jars should come to mind right away.
But why? What are the benefits of glass jars, and how do they compare to plastic containers? What kinds of glass containers can you buy?

Answer these questions and you can store your belongings in the right way. Here are seven benefits of glass jars.

1. Glass Jars Are Hygienic

Glass is a nonporous material, unlike plastic. When you put food or dirty objects in your glass jars, the glass will not absorb the odors or microorganisms of the objects. This allows you to use glass jars multiple times without worrying about getting sick from them.

2. You Can Reuse Glass

You may be able to reuse some plastic containers. But plastic can tear, especially thin containers like plastic bags. It’s hard to repair a tear or remove a stain in your plastic without poking another hole in it.

Glass is easy to reuse because it is durable and easy to clean. You can use a glass jar many times over the years, storing a wide range of objects.

3. Glass Is Recyclable

You cannot recycle all of the plastic you use. But you can always recycle glass, as long as you bring your glass jars to the right recycling facility. You can even buy jars made from recycled glass, which will bring your carbon footprint down.

4. You Can Buy Many Types of Glass Jars

Jars come in all shapes and sizes. Most people have 8 oz or 12 oz jars, which provide enough room to store jewelry and personal effects. Yet you can also buy 1 oz glass jars, which are perfect for storing creams and pills.

5. Glass Jars Are Compact

The packaging design for glass jars is simple. Manufacturers do not add additional features like handles or bumps. This allows you to put several jars next to each other on a shelf, and you can stack jars on top of each other.

6. Glass Has a Timeless Aesthetic

When people think of glass, they think of modern companies like Apple. Yet humans have used glass objects for thousands of years. Using glass storage options will let your home seem classy and traditional in a subtle way.

7. You Can Look Through Glass

You can look through plastic and glass, but many plastic objects are tinted or foggy. You can buy plenty of glass jars that have no tint or fog, so you can see objects inside them easily.

The Many Benefits of Glass Jars

Glass jars have several distinct benefits. Glass does not carry pathogens, so you can reuse glass containers without worry. When your jars break, you can recycle the glass through a local recycling facility.

You can find a wide variety of glass jars, covering all of your storage needs. Yet glass jars have a simple design and a timeless aesthetic. You can put a row of jars on your shelves, looking through them to track how your items are doing.

However, you shouldn’t rely solely on glass. Read more storage guides by following our coverage: Buccal Fat Removal

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