5 Amazing And Profitable Goods to Ship From China Today

China is a big producer of one-of-a-kind and low-cost items. Chinese merchandise may be leveraged to promote profitability and growth by sourcing the correct things to import and sell. Importing is a massive industry in and of itself throughout the world. According to World Bank Import Data, the United States imported products worth $ 2248 billion in 2016.


When we think about imports, China is the first nation that springs to mind. China imports contributed for $462 billion dollars (nearly 21 percent) of the aforementioned $2248 billion dollars in US imports.


Many online retailers use a common method of researching profitable items to import from China, purchasing them, and then selling on B2C e-commerce platforms (or wholesale). Another variation on this method is the drop-shipping business. For timely delivery of these goods you might want to consider using express freight shipping by Ziggship. Here are highly profitable product that you can import from china:

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Alt-Text: 5 Amazing And Profitable Goods to Ship From China Today

5 Most Profitable Products to Import from China

China has effectively established itself as the ultimate global industrial powerhouse throughout the years. As a result, in this piece, we will only discuss the best-selling items that you may import from China.


In terms of manufacturing, China has several advantages over other countries, including:

  • Manual work is inexpensive.
  • specialized labor
  • Strong government backing
  • A solid financial foundation
  • sufficient supplies of rare earth metals
  • Excellent supply chain ecosystem

  • Makeup Tools

Cosmetics for beauty are becoming increasingly popular among females, and makeup equipment is one of the most profitable things to purchase from China. It includes a variety of instruments for diverse purposes, such as brushes, mirrors, and eyelash tweezers.


Makeup tools are often inexpensive, and they are more expensive on retail websites. For example, you select a cosmetic mirror for your company.

  • Kitchen Tools

Kitchen appliances are one of the most lucrative things to buy from China, and they include a wide range of products. In general, the cost prices of these items are modest when supplied by suppliers or manufacturers, but their retail prices on Amazon are high.


As an example, consider rubber gloves. A pair of rubber gloves costs roughly $20 on Amazon, but wholesale rates on Alibaba range from $0.3 to $1.3 depending on your purchase quantity. You may also select various colors or patterns.

  • Sports Products

Sports items have been increasingly popular as people’s health consciousness has grown. Because sports products encompass a wide range of product categories, many importers see them as the most popular commodities to import from China.

  •  Phone Accessories

Mobile phone accessories are also popular items to import from China. These are little items that have a high market demand. If you are just starting out and have limited resources, mobile phone accessories are a good place to start. 


Typically, these little items on wholesale marketplaces demand a minimum order quantity (MOQ). MOQs vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier and the online platform. When placing an order for any popular items in China, you must keep this condition in mind.

  • Fashion Accessories

Accessories for Fashion Hair bands, purses, and trinkets are examples of fashion accessories. They have been the most popular Chinese imports. It is in high demand and has a great market potential, particularly among women.


Importing items from China is a strong strategy to boost your retail business’s profitability. The success of your business is determined on the things you sell, and these 5 categories of items are low-risk, high-margin offers.


Remember to factor in administrative costs as well as the landing costs of each product. Keeping your business profitable necessitates paying constant attention to the import process, quality control, and your fulfillment plan. You should also select a reputable express freight company, such as Ziggship, to avoid disappointment.

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