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5 Common Window Problems You Should Fix Soon

Would you consider yourself a DIY expert? Everyone should know how to fix some problems at home before they get worse. You must know when to replace windows because you’ll run into too many issues if you ignore old and broken ones.

Let’s look at a few things that will go wrong over the years, plus we’ll look at how you can repair the damage. It’s also possible to replace any that are too far gone, which you can do yourself or with a skilled friend.

1. Drafts Are Getting Inside

Drafts will hurt your bank balance because your energy bills will shoot up. It’s a problem because it will be harder to heat and cool your home. Most people will spend a lot more heating their homes in winter.

You will need to seal any gaps to ensure drafts don’t get inside. The worn-down weather-stripping on your Barrie replacement windows should be changed. Take your time if you want everything to look perfect when finished.

2. The Glass Is Broken/Cracked

Windows with holes and cracks are an obvious problem you’ll need to deal with asap. It doesn’t just happen when your kids kick balls at them. Maybe they weren’t installed properly, so the weight isn’t distributed equally.

It’s worth replacing your old windows if you have cash on hand, but it’s possible to repair holes and cracks. You’ll need a professional who specializes in window repairs, but it will save you money in the short term.

3. There Is Some Condensation

Most people have double-paned windows at the very least, so you might come up against condensation at some point, which is a sign they’re getting old. It can cause severe issues during the coldest months.

You won’t be able to see outside if the condensation turns into ice. In the long run, you’ll need to replace all the seals and weather-stripping. A dehumidifier or fan will help you get rid of the condensation today.

4. You Can’t Open/Close Windows

Don’t panic if you can’t open your windows. It doesn’t mean they’re permanently closed because they’ve expanded and contracted too much. You can start by scraping a knife around joints, which usually does the trick.

Most windows stick because the paint is preventing them from opening. It’s vital to remove any debris and grime you find. Use lubrication if your windows can’t close fully, and tighten the fasteners at the same time.

5. Window Frames Are Rotting

Rotten window frames are bad because they cause multiple problems. People shouldn’t be able to see rotten wood from the outside. Your neighbors will think the house is falling apart whenever they walk past.

It’s possible to fix rotten frames if it’s not too bad, but you will need someone with skills to help. You might find it easier to replace your windows. Maybe you can get rid of the wooden frames once and for all.

Don’t Wait Around Any Longer

You should attempt to fix these problems straight away because it’s only going to get worse. It might be impossible to repair your windows if you wait too long.

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