Art Collection Mistakes

5 Common Art Collection Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you an avid art enthusiast? Do you love the idea of decorating your walls and shelves with different types of artwork?

Starting an art collection is a fun and fascinating hobby. It adds flair to your home and allows you to get more immersed in the rich history of art.

Unfortunately, some art collectors who are starting out are susceptible to making some very upsetting mistakes. The fun of art collecting can easily be dampened by these errors.

To keep your art collecting from becoming a source of frustration, here are five common art collection mistakes as well as tips to avoid them.

1. Buying Without Paperwork

One of the benefits of buying original art is the potential value of the investment. If the artist ends up gaining notoriety or fame in the years to come, the work of art you purchased for a small sum could have a much higher resale value in the future. However, it will be hard to prove that value if you don’t have documents proving the artwork’s validity.

2. Improper Storage

Whether we’re discussing packing your artwork or framing and hanging it, there are several ways to do it wrong. When it comes to hanging, you could store it in the wrong room, such as a bathroom or other humid areas, which can affect fibers and pigments.

Hang your artwork away from direct sunlight and away from doors and drafty windows. And if you need to pack it away for environmental reasons or for relocation, use suitable padding to protect the art. And be sure to get moving insurance that offers protection for art.

3. Buying Without Expert Advice

It’s easy to get swindled when collecting art. Hiring a broker can help you verify a work of art’s value, comparing artwork costs, dates, and subject matter to determine if the gallery or artist is asking for a reasonable price.

4. Not Buying Art That Speaks To You

Don’t just buy for the sake of having something, or even solely for the sake of investment. If you’re going to have this artwork on your wall or shelf to look at, make sure it’s something that means something to you and that it speaks to you. Art collecting should be about appreciating beauty and finding meaningful works for your home.

5. Keeping Your Collection A Secret

Buying art solely for investment and storing it away doesn’t work. Showcase your collection with confidence. This will increase the art’s value and it will increase your art collecting status.

Avoid These Art Collection Mistakes

Now you know what these common art collection mistakes are and how to avoid them. Take these tips to art and take pride in becoming an art collector. Aside from supporting artists and making great investments, you’ll add a touch of culture and flair to your home by decorating your walls with fine artwork.

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