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Body Butter vs. Body Lotion: What Are the Differences?

Imagine this – you are walking around after a shower feeling refreshed when you happen to touch your skin and realize it’s as rough as a crocodile’s! What happened here?

Your skin used to be as soft as a baby’s bottom when you were younger, but as you get older, you notice it’s getting rougher, bumpier, and not so enticing. Well, it could be because you aren’t using enough body lotion or body butter.

If you are wondering about the difference between body butter vs. body lotion, we’ve written this short guide to clear up the confusion.

Body Butter

When you are seeking intensive moisturizing for your skin, then you need to go for body butter instead of lotion. Body butter is meant for lavish pampering of your skin.

It contains hydrating kinds of butter like cocoa butter or shea butter and anti aging essential oils to give your skin the nutrition it desires and needs. Some benefits you can look forward to, using body butter are:

  • Deep hydration
  • Revitalizing effect
  • Skincare
  • Long-lasting moisturizing action

The only downside to body butter is that it takes a long time for it to be absorbed into your skin, as it’s very thick. Thus, you will want to be careful when using body butter, especially if you have an event to be at soon or if you are late for work.

Body Lotion

That’s why body lotions are so useful. Even though they aren’t as decadent, moisturizing, or hydrating as body butter are, they can provide you with a quick moisturizing boost in everyday life. You can use body lotions before you run off to work or a party because they absorb quickly and leave behind no residue.

You can use body lotion daily without any issue and use it all over your body or for certain areas of your body that need that extra loving care. It’s also a great idea to use lotion on your skin after showering, which helps lock in moisture and prevents your skin from drying up too much.

You can purchase different lotions geared for different purposes. For example, you could buy a decolletage lotion to help firm the appearance of your skin in your chest and neck area. Or you could purchase hand lotions that are meant to keep the skin on your hands from drying in harsh winters.

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Body Butter vs. Body Lotion – They Both Have Their Purpose

As seen above, in the battle between body butter vs. body lotion, there is no clear winner. They both have a separate purpose when it comes to fighting against dry, rough, flakey skin.

Don’t forget that moisturizing needs to happen daily for it to have any lasting effect.

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