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6 Denim Staples Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

Denim is amongst the most versatile fabrics a person can work with and style up. It is durable and suitable for all seasons and occasions. The best part is that denim doesn’t have a favorite body type. Whether you are skinny, plus size, short or tall, you can rock a denim diva look anytime, anywhere. Moreover, denim has immense potential in the forms it can take. For example, from shirts, jeans, dresses, and even jackets, denim knows no boundaries! Whether you like to dress classy, chic, or more laid back, here are some denim staples that will help transform your style.

Boyfriend jeans are becoming more and more popular with time due to their comfort factor. With low waistbands and loose fits, these jeans are very similar to men’s jeans which explains how they got their name. Boyfriend jeans can be paired with all types of tops and are more suited for everyday wear for anyone who wants to move around in comfort and style. These jeans are also perfect for all body types, including bulkier women, who might be conscious about their figure. Because of their loose-fitting, boyfriend jeans don’t accentuate curves, so anyone who does not want to flaunt their figure much can easily carry these off. Of course, plus size jeans for women are available in more than just this style. Still, boyfriend jeans are a must-have. They compliment larger bodies and provide a more comfortable option than mainstream jeans designed primarily for skinnier women.


As summer approaches, shorts become an essential closet item for most women who want to beat the heat and work with ease. Denim shorts are easy to wear, attractive, and come in all shapes and sizes to help elevate your everyday style. You can pair them with all types of shirts, including sweatshirts, graphic t-shirts, and even polo tops. Denim shorts compliment all body types and give you a more elongated figure. Apart from being a beach and picnic favorite, they look very trendy if you have lunch plans with your gang. They come in all kinds of washes and rises and are perfect for a cool day in the sun. It may seem surprising, but denim shorts can even enter your fall wardrobe. You could pair them with leggings underneath and a sweater with a muffler to go on top. They are effortless to style and look great with sneakers and even boots.


Denim dungarees (more commonly known as overalls or jumpsuits) have been around for many generations yet have recently been popularized as an iconic fashion statement for women. They’re very comfortable, casual, and perfect for lazing around. Dungarees can complement all types of blouses and sneakers. They are also ideal for all body types making you look relaxed and fashionable at the same time. You can pull off the look anywhere, from a small daytime event in your backyard to a luncheon with friends.

Furthermore, denim dungarees come in all sorts of styles. The most common type are dungarees with 70’s style wide flares. However, many cropped styles with a skinnier fit are also available. Some dungarees have skirts attached, giving a more youthful and feminine appeal. They’re easy to dress, simple in style, and comfortable to move in, making them an essential item for your wardrobe.


While denim skirts may seem old-fashioned, they are chic and attractive when styled up correctly. Denim skirts come in various forms, from full-length to pencil skirts and flared ones. A full-length denim skirt gives you a more modest appeal while shorter ones allow you to flaunt a more dare-devil look. You can wear long denim skirts in professional atmospheres, paired with a crisp shirt or a formal top.  On the other hand, a pencil skirt hugs your lower body, giving you a sexy, hourglass figure. You can wear them to parties, clubs, or even at the mall paired with any cute top and some accessories. Flared-out skirts resemble cotton skirts. They’re flowy and pretty to look at, making them perfect for date nights and casual hangouts with friends. Overall, Denim skirts are versatile and fashionable, making them a must-have to add uniqueness to your wardrobe.


Bootcut jeans are like a less dramatic version of flared jeans as they are usually tight-fitting from the top with a slight opening at the bottom. They compliment your legs’ shape and give you a taller look. Considering the name, they are perfect when paired with all types of boots and were specially designed in the ’70s for this very purpose. Bootcut jeans can be high or low-waisted and usually fall all the way down to your ankles. They come in a variety of washes to pick and choose from. Bootcut jeans are classy, and you can pair them with almost anything. For example, a cowboy look might complement boot-cut jeans with button-up plaid tops or women’s boutique tops and cowboy boots. The jeans have a slight kick at the bottom, making them easy to walk around in. They give a more eye-catching look than traditional skinny or straight-leg jeans and can help complement your sense of style. This denim style looks best on women who are slightly towards the thinner side, as it helps them look fuller at the bottom. Bootcut jeans should be a staple to everyone’s closet due to their versatile nature and vintage look.


Even though skinny jeans haven’t gone away, they have taken a back seat. No one can really point out the reasons since fashion trends come and go, but flared denim has taken over in the last few years. These denim pants give you an elevated look when paired with high heels, and many women love that! However, there is a misconception that flared jeans need high heels for the perfect fashionista look. This is far from being true. You can easily pull off a flared denim look with pumps, flat boots, and even mules.

Final Thoughts

Denim fabric is a multi-faceted material that looks amazing on different body types. Whether you want multiple styles of jeans or a skirt, denim is a forever staple. With the right accessories and a bit of styling-up effort, you can rock any denim style!

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