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7 Interesting Facts About Nail Fungus Everyone Should Know!

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We all have developed a toenail fungus in some part of our lives and we know how painful and troublesome it is. The more you ignore it the worse it becomes and leads to some unwanted complications.

However, if you treat it at the right time then you won’t need to suffer too much.

But even after the treatment if you don’t follow the preventive tips given by your doctor then the fungus may arise again. That’s why if you have a lot of information about it then preventing it and treating it in the future will not be a big deal.

Therefore, if you are looking for some facts about toenail fungus then you are at the right place since here are 8 interesting facts about toenail fungus everyone must know!

So that the upcoming nail fungus doesn’t turn into a big problem.

1. It Can Spread To Other Body Parts

When your one toe is infected with toenail fungus it may spread to your other toe if both of these toes come in contact with each other often. Furthermore, if not treated on time it can spread even more and infect the skin surrounding your nail, which causes an athlete’s foot.

Repetitive contact of your fingernails with your infected toe can cause nail fungus in your fungus so you must keep them away. If your infected nail comes in contact with your underwear while wearing it then you may be transferring the infection to your genitals, unintentionally.

That’s why you must wear socks before wearing underwear.

2. Older People Are More Likely To Develop Nail Fungus 

As we get older our immune system gets weaker and this is why elderly people are more prone to nail fungus infections. During old age our nails also dry out and develop some cracks, these cracks make a perfect way for infections to enter the nail.

And since our immune system and blood circulation are weak during this age, our body can’t fight the infection which causes repetitive growth of the fungus. Additionally, if you take care of an older person then use preventive tips or the infection may infect your nails too.

But it is always recommended to visit a good podiatrist. You can check Dr. Tina at as well.

3. Injuries Can Lead To Fungal Infections

If you have developed an injury on your then the chances of ingrown toenails increase especially if you keep it undressed for a long duration. If your foot gets injured then you should immediately seek medical treatment since the more it remains untreated, the more risks of an infection increase.

The infection may enter inside your body through the injury as well, which can spread the infection to other body parts and blood. Such type of situation can be so dangerous, therefore if you develop a nail injury then do not delay the treatment.

4. Nail Polish And Pedicure Increase The Risk

The nail salon is known as the source of nail problems sometimes and there are many reasons behind it. For example.

  • If your nail technician isn’t experienced then they may damage your nail and cause problems like an ingrown nail.
  • If your nail specialist doesn’t sanitize or clean the pedicure tools after every use then they are transferring other’s bacteria to you.

Nail polish can’t cause you to nail funds but unfortunately, it can worsen it. Nail polish traps the moisture inside your nail, which is a perfect environment for nail fungus.

Trapped bacteria will grow inside your nail in a large amount and worsen your condition.

5. You May Receive It From Other People

Nail fungus is a contagious disease, which means it can spread through contact. If you come in close contact with a person with nail fungus then you may also develop it.

Also, places like bathhouses, swimming pools, and public showers can spread nail fungus because many people walk there barefoot and after an infected person washes their feet, they spread bacteria.

If you come in contact with such bacteria and fungi then you will get infected. Therefore, while visiting many places like these, never walk barefoot.

6. Leaving It Untreated Can Be Dangerous

Nail fungus may seem like a small problem and at first, it may not seem so serious but leaving it untreated for too long can be really dangerous. If left untreated it can cause problems like athlete’s foot and may spread the infection to other body parts just as we explained in the previous paragraph.

But there’s more, leaving it untreated for long can help the infection to enter your blood which leads to infection in other body parts. Bone infection is another risk, which is really hazardous.

Additionally, if you have diabetes you shouldn’t delay its treatment at all, the infection can bring so many painful and unwanted results!

7. Running Causes Nail Fungus

Don’t worry, running isn’t the actual problem so you don’t have to stop running! However, if you are a runner and run for long periods then you are more likely to develop this problem since running can develop sweat in your feet.

And if you wear these wet socks for too long then the moisture and bacteria will cause you serious nail fungus, so you must change your socks multiple times while running. You should do this even if you sweat often in the gym or your feet sweat a lot while working. Carry two pairs of socks and once one pair becomes wet you must immediately change it and keep it in the sunlight!

Lastly, do not forget to wash your feet when you go home, this decreases the chances of infection too.


Nail fungus is a serious infection of toenails that can affect people of any age but if you are an elder person, you are more likely to develop it. If you develop an infection like this then get the medical treatment right away and always keep the above facts in your mind, they can help treat, prevent, and help people with nail fungus!

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