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How long does it take to get Professional Scrum Master Certification in India?

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The benefits of a professional course like Professional Scrum Master Certification can’t be negated. The course can help enhance one’s skills and employability. However, one may wonder how long it will take to get such a certification. Well, the reader will be glad to know that the actual certification course needs only as little as 16 hours.

Yes, the whole course is completed in a weekend filled with active, educational sessions. However, these 16 hours have some caveats attached to it, and one may need to invest some additional time in preparation. Then there is an exam involved. The whole process may actually need months to finish. This article discusses all the time required to get professional scrum master certification.

So how long exactly does it take? Well, there is no single answer. It will be different from person to person. The following will explain it all:

  • The actual training is 16 hours long, generally given over two days by a trained professional who helps the students with an attitude adjustment and develops agility.
  • That said, it is imperative that one should be prepared before one gets the training. There will be a lot of learning material, and one will have to have thoroughly learned and understood all the theory and concepts of Scrum framework management.
  • Also, quite naturally, there is an exam at the end. The reader must be prepared for the exam as well. That involves having a ready knowledge and understanding, which one must acquire in their own time not covered in the 16 hours mentioned above.
  • This discussion is also assuming that one will clear the exam in the first go, which should be easy enough if one puts in all the desired effort and is willing to challenge themself to change, learn and evolve,
  • Depending on the availability, it may take from a few weeks to a few months to actually complete the certification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are also several other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) associated with Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Certification. The most important of those are answered below:

Question: Is it worth it to take all the trouble for the course?

Answer: Yes. It is more than worth it as the certification is very rewarding.

Question: Is it difficult?

Answer: Well, the course is not easy and you need a thorough preparation for it.

The Bottom Line

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that PSM Accreditation is a valuable addition to one’s skills and one of the most lucrative courses. Though it may take some time to get the certification, it is an investment that is bound to pay back handsomely afterward. The reader can easily book the sessions for this rewarding certification online. They should make a point of only getting the training from a certified trainer. They should also check the online reviews of the courses provided online to further convince themselves.

A Professional Scrum Master Certification can be pursued after the master’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science. To complete the course there are certain tips to become successful during your college education if you want to pursue the certification course with your studies.



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