Alex Jones net worth in 2022

Alex Jones net worth in 2022

Alexander Emerick Jones, a conspiracy theorist and host of a far-right radio show within the United States. From Austin, Texas, he hosts The Alex Jones display, which the Genesis Communications network syndicates nationally and online. Conspiracy theories and fake news are promoted on Jones’ Info Wars website, as are his different websites; NewsWars and PrisonPlanet. White nationalists have acquired help and a platform from Jones.

Jones has driven conspiracy theories that say the government of the United States either lied or withheld information approximately the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook standard school, the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma town, the Sep 11 assaults, and the 1969 moon touchdown. He has asserted that “synthetic financial crises, sophisticated surveillance technology, and – in particular – inside-job terror assaults that gas exploitable hysteria” has been used by some governments and big groups to set up a “New Global Order.”

Jones has been defined as a conspiracy theorist and of some distance proper via mainstream resources. Jones has defined himself as a libertarian and pale conservative. Jones supported Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and persevered to assist him as a savior from an alleged crook bipartisan cabal controlling the federal authorities, no matter falling out over numerous of Trump’s policies, such as airstrikes against the Assad regime. Jones has been a protracted-time critic of Republican and Democratic overseas and security policy. Alex Jones net worth is $five million.

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