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Design Your Lab Created Diamond Rings at Friendly Diamonds

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The popularity of lab-grown diamonds continues to achieve new heights with each passing day as the frenzy around it drives diamond lovers crazy.

With an increase in demand for lab created diamonds, purchasing more diamond ornaments has become easier, as buying real or mined diamonds is extremely expensive compared to lab-created gemstones. With lab diamonds, those intrigued by the concept of diamonds and jewelry now have more choices, whether to buy mined or lab-grown diamonds.

What are lab diamonds and mined diamonds?

Lab diamonds are grown in labs using special equipment and mined diamonds take millions of years to grow, they, however, have similar chemical and physical compositions. Of course, both are diamonds; however, the only difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds is their source of origin.

Why are lab diamonds preferred over mined diamonds?

To procure natural diamonds has always included an amount of conflict due to unfair practices and methods practiced in the diamond mining industry. Additionally, environmental degradation and human rights issues are infamous by-products of the diamond mining and extraction process.

Given the situation, it makes much more sense to choose lab-grown diamonds, as they are a far more eco-friendly and sustainable diamond option. With the world prioritizing ecologically friendly products in every part of life due to the ever-growing issue of climatic change and calamities, lab diamonds are taking the world by storm.

Lab-grown diamonds are obtained ethically and are grown in state-of-the-art laboratories that emulate the diamond creation process of the earth. They leave a far smaller carbon footprint than the mining industry and are grown without endangering the environment or violating human rights.

Lab-grown diamonds aid in environmental preservation by not polluting the air, water, or land. The area’s flora and fauna are still entirely protected. They are advantageous both from an environmental and affordable perspective, considering they are priced almost 40 to 50 percent cheaper than mined diamonds.

Why should you pick Friendly Diamonds for your lab diamonds?

As mentioned before, lab diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds of similar size and quality and offer excellent value. These lab-produced diamonds can cost 40 to  50 percent less than naturally mined diamonds.

And if you are looking for a jeweler that would provide you with exactly that, then a New York-based, eco-friendly online brand Friendly Diamonds is your perfect solution. With a create-your-own range available, it has become extremely easy to design and curate the ring of your dreams.

Moreover, this online store displays some beautifully crafted products in its collection. Listed below are some of the popular choices of lab diamond rings available at Friendly Diamonds.

Delanie Diamond Ring

This unique lab diamond ring holds a solitaire with a hidden diamond set on either side of the center stone, making it a gorgeous pick for those with elegant taste.

Caroline Trillion Diamond Ring

The stunning Caroline three-stone diamond ring with a center solitaire, distinguished by its timeless simplicity, is ideal for anyone who wishes to flaunt a chic appearance.

Della Pear Diamond Ring

With two pear-shaped diamonds on either side of the center stone, the Della three-stone ring is a timeless beauty that captures the eye.

Bethany Oval Diamond Ring

The perfect blend for all occasions owing to the three stones set to exhibit one’s allure with the fascinating Bethany diamond ring featuring two beautiful oval cut diamonds.

Lillian Side Oval Diamond Eternity Ring

The Lillian Eternity Ring is a beautifully styled ring that perfectly emphasizes all of your lab diamond aspirations with the right brilliance and sophisticated elegance.

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