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Here at sunglasses in bulk, we take great pride in being a distributor of high-quality wholesale sunglasses. We also sell wholesale readers for both men and women. But did you know that we also sell sun readers? And if so, do your customers know about sun readers yet?

It’s surprising to consider just how many people don’t know that sun readers exist. They are a fantastic product more people would probably buy if they knew about them. Let us talk about that. As a retailer, you can bring your customers up to speed on what shouldn’t be a niche product.


Sun readers are simple enough to understand. They are print sunglasses with built-in reading lenses. The reading lenses can offer any of the standard magnifications, ranging from 1.00 up to 3.00. Just understand that not all manufacturers offer all magnification levels. Some offer only the most popular ones.

Our extensive inventory of wholesale sunglasses for men and women includes a few sun reader models. Just like standard readers, sun readers do not require a prescription. However, it’s best for your customers to pay a visit to your location (if possible) to try on a pair before buying. That is, unless they already use readers and know what magnification level they need.


Introducing your customers to sun readers is just the start. Once they know about them, you will want to explain why they are so awesome. It should be easy enough to do just by talking about cell phones.

There are a lot of people who normally use readers to see their cell phone screens more easily. But when you are down at the beach, do you really want to carry a pair of readers with you? Not only that, but it is also a hassle to pull off your dames zonnebril and put your readers on every time you want to check notifications or send a message. With sun readers, your customers get the best of both worlds.

The main portion of the lens blocks both visible sunlight and UV rays. You get all the same sun-blocking protection you would get from a traditional pair of sunglasses. But when you pull out your phone to check your messages, you can actually see it clearly. The built-in reader lenses take care of business seamlessly and effortlessly.


Sun readers are ideal for people who love to spend hours lounging on the pool deck. Once again, there is no need to carry both sunglasses and readers with you. A pair of sun readers performs both functions equally well. You can take a book to the pool with full confidence that you will be able to read it without removing your sunglasses.

This seems so simple to the point of being uninteresting. But unless you have had to do battle with separate sunglasses and readers, you may not understand why the design is so revolutionary. Sun readers are absolutely worth selling alongside the rest of your designer sunglasses inventory.


We trust that you utilize Olympic Eyewear as one of your sources for wholesale sunglasses for men and women. Better yet, we hope that we are your primary resource. At any rate, you can buy wholesale sun readers here.

When you place your next order for sunglasses and readers, throw in some sun readers as well. Then tell your customers all about them. We are willing to bet that at least some of them will want sun readers after learning what they do. Sun readers truly are a fantastic product.

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