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Fall Is A Great Time For Reminders About Uv Rays

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As an eyewear retailer, you have to spend time talking about the fashion aspects of designers buying sunglasses in bulk. You also want to develop sales campaigns and other promotions intended to get people to shop and buy. However, fall is a great time to briefly set those things aside and remind your customers about the dangers of UV rays.

Protecting the eyes against UV radiation is the primary purpose of wearing sunglasses. It is why we source high-quality wholesale sunglasses for our customers. This time of year, UV protection can be relegated to the back burner by consumers who are no longer thinking about warm sunny days on the beach. A simple reminder can be enough to encourage a fall purchase rather than putting off new sunglasses until next spring.


It is understandable that people would think about UV radiation more often during the summer. Despite UV rays being invisible, the summer sun is still brighter and more intense. People tend to think more about the threats posed by UV rays when they can see a brighter sun and feel its heat more intensely.

The designer wholesale recycled sunglasses we sell at wholesale prices are necessary year-round because UV rays do not take a break. There is no winter vacation for them. In fact, grayer and paler winter skies can more easily hide the dangers of UV radiation from unsuspecting consumers.

UV rays easily penetrate cloud cover. They are not hindered by overcast conditions. They can do as much damage to retinas, corneas – and even the skin around the eyes – in winter as they do in summer. These are all things to remind your customers of.


We tend to associate UV damage with conditions like macular degeneration and cancer. But excessive exposure to sunlight can harm the eyes in other ways too. For example, have you ever heard of pinguecula? Most people haven’t. Pinguecula is a condition that manifests itself as yellow bumps on the eyes. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘surfers eye’ due to the propensity of avid surfers to present with it.

Pinguecula is not life-threatening by any means. However, it can be quite irritating. It can also lead to dryness and inflammation in the eyes. The best way to prevent it is to protect the eyes with a good pair of sunglasses whenever you are outside.

Again, this is something you can educate your customers about. This time of year, you can associate it with snow-related sun glare rather than surfing. The sun reflecting off snow and ice can be just as damaging as sunlight on the water.


As a retailer, you buy wholesale sunglasses so that you can mark them up and sell them for a profit. That goes without saying. But there is no reason you cannot combine education with sales. Educating your customers about UV rays and how sunglasses can protect their eye health is a good way to introduce new products.

Education can also act as the foundation of a sale or special promotion. For example, a zonnebrillen dames retailer might join up with a local optometrist to produce a video they can both show in their respective locations. The video can educate consumers about UV rays and then encourage them to get a pair of sunglasses and make an appointment to see the optometrist.

There are lots of ways to combine education with sales. This time of year is perfect for that sort of thing, as it is an ideal time to remind customers about UV rays.

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