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Dom Fenison Net Worth


If you want to know how much Dom Fenison costs, you’ve come to the right place. Musicians and entrepreneurs have done many different jobs to make a lot of money. He earns a lot from his day job as head of Music City residency. In fact, he posts hundreds of photos of himself having fun on Instagram.

Total net worth

Dom Fenison net worth is around $400,000. He is still based in Los Angeles, California, where he has a studio where he records and creates his music. He has also been involved in a number of businesses, including Music City Accommodations as well as working as a real estate agent. Because he has been able to grow his businesses, including his own music label, over the years, his net worth has increased.


Dom Fenison is a real estate agent who earns $92,231 a year. In addition, he appeared in several music videos and worked as a model for well-known brands. Dom worked as a bartender before entering the fashion industry and making a name for himself. He was one of the top ten most influential real estate agents in Los Angeles in 2021. His total assets will increase as he continues to grow his business.

Engaged but not yet married.

Dom Fenison is engaged to model Chanel West Coast but they are not married yet. After Dawn and Chanel appeared on Sports Illustrated’s The Party x Palm Tree Crew, the two began dating. On Instagram, they recently announced that they are dating. They have a daughter together and have been dating since 2015.  Dom Fenison’s numerous lovers added to his wealth.

Incredibly attractive

Dom Fenison is an incredibly attractive man with a net worth of $30 million. As he continues to gain popularity in the fashion industry, it is expected that his net worth will increase with time. Despite her work as a real estate agent, she is likewise a prolific model professional. In the year 2020, he was featured on the cover of GMARCO and Period. He has also been able to work as a model for several companies, including The Perfect Man, where he has modeled for various brands. The businessman also created data for her to represent Chanel West Coast’s boyfriend.

Working with top brands

Along with performing, Dom Fenison is also tackling various business endeavors. He once owned a skincare line and collaborated with Nike and Givenchy. She was on the cover of Male Model Monday for Socialite Life, a major fashion magazine, and another magazine that same year. Her other ventures as an entrepreneur include launching a clothing line and a skincare line.

A real estate agent

Dom also worked as a real estate agent in Los Angeles while employed by Beverly & Company. Since March 2021, when he joined Music City Accommodations, he has held the position of chief acquisitions officer. He has previously worked as a waiter and bartender, so his career as a real estate agent is just getting started. He has many options to further his real estate career.

A romantic relationship

Dom has a personal life as well as a romantic relationship with Chanel West Coast, a fashion model. Her better half Channel West Coast has taken on various pounds before, including Liam Horne, and is currently dating Dom Fenison net worth. Channel West Coast praises  Dom Fenison as the most practical person she has ever been in a relationship with, despite the fact that they both had previous relationships with other men.


Dom Fenison’s total assets can be estimated by looking at his work. In addition to being a comic book illustrator, he has worked as a chef at Music City Accommodations. Her popularity as a model is skyrocketing. His numerous appearances in prominent magazines and on television have made him very popular throughout his career.

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