how did chyna santana die

Chyna Santana


Moneybagg Yo’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Chyna Santana, has passed away. Albeit the specific reason for death is as yet unclear, it was broadly spread as an unexpected demise. Despite the fact that the cause of death has been widely reported, no known sources have discussed it with the media. Santana used to be very active on social media, but that account has since been taken down.

Interesting Facts:

Chyna is 27 years old and was born in 1992. Her father is a mystery. Her occupation entails trading jewelry. She also graduated from Southwest Community College and now resides in Memphis, Tennessee. When she got engaged to AirFlecter, her rap career came to an end. Due to misunderstandings, the two parted ways. Despite extensive speculation, they have since started dating.

Love Life

Moneybagg Yo, a Memphis rapper, is a well-known name in the music scene. For quite some time, rumors circulated that the two were together. Shana Ward is Chyna’s real name. The alleged affair that went along with it was not kept a secret, and the two are well-known for their public personas. The death of Chyna sparked a heated debate and has remained a popular topic ever since.

Tragic death

Chyna, Moneybagg Yo’s ex-girlfriend, passed away tragically on July 12 in an accident. On July 12, the rapper surprised Chyna with a Lamborghini truck as a birthday present, but he didn’t say anything to honor the mother of his two children. The rapper paid no obituary for her passing. However, the news is being made by the media.

Her Children

Moneybagg Yo is the father of eight children in total, in addition to the two children he and Chyna have together. He said in 2017 that he had multiple youngsters while in secondary school. The identities of Chyna’s two children with Moneybagg Yo, aka DeMario DeWayne White Jr., are still unknown. Regardless, her children are well-known, and many people believe that they are the reason for her success.

In spite of her tragic death, there are few official sources that can confirm her location.

 Unknown Cause of Death

She was well-known while she was based in Memphis. It is muddled assuming Moneybagg Yo tended to the fresh insight about Chyna’s demise. She was a media figure with a lot of influence, but it’s not clear what caused her death so quickly. While there is still a lot of debate surrounding Chyna’s death, it is important to keep in mind that she was active on social media.

Death of Chyna Santana

American rapper Moneybagg Yo has eight children with four different baby mamas. Moneybagg Yo is paying tribute to his baby mama on social media following the death of Chyna, who shocked her fans. The passing of Chyna is a miserable occasion for her fans and their loved ones. In the wake of her death, she is remembered with love and appreciation. These rap youngsters will never comprehend what they are missing.


MoneyBagg Yo, Chyna’s former boyfriend, recently gave a white Lamborghini truck to his girlfriend. In addition to being a well-known individual, Ari was a model and the ex-girlfriend of rapper G Herbo. Moneybagg has five children, three of whom are girls and two of whom are boys. Regardless of her dubious past, she kept up with her single status.

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