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How to Wear a Watch: A Quick Guide for Men

Watches are a longstanding staple of men’s fashion. In addition to telling time, they can accentuate your outfit and make you look more professional. But, sometimes it’s tricky to learn how to wear a watch well. Wearing a watch has certain rules that come with it. Neglecting those rules can make your outfit look unbalanced.

Fortunately, styling a watch doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you learn the “watch etiquette,” you can style any outfit with a classic timepiece. If you’re not sure how to wear a watch, keep reading! We’ll give you the tips you need to rock your favorite watch.

Styles of Watches for Men

The first thing to understand about watches is their styles. Different styles suit various occasions and outfits better than others.

We’ll focus on three types of watches in this section:

Dress watches are the most formal style of watch. Usually, they have a narrow watch face and leather strap. Their display has a minimalist style without fancy additions. People favor these watches for more formal environments, such as special occasions, the workplace, or a country club. However, these watches are surprisingly versatile. They look good with jeans or a suit.

Field watches are the next most common watch style. These tend to have broad watch faces and bands. They were the first type of watch that let wearers set the time by pulling a pin. These watches were originally designed for military usage. They look excellent with casual clothes, and you can find them at

Finally, there’s the digital watch. The general rule is that this is a casual-only timepiece. Don’t try to wear it with a suit!

How to Wear a Watch

There are certain rules to observe when wearing a watch. First, let’s talk about how to wear watches with leather bands. You know how your belt should match your shoes? The same rule applies to leather watch bands. This leather piece should match any other leather in your outfit. Also, try to match your watch to the type of outfit. For instance, dress shoes look best with a dress watch. Work boots or trainers would suit a field watch more.

Another thing to note is which hand you wear a watch on. Generally, people advise that you wear your watch on the hand that’s less dominant. For most people, that means wearing the watch on their left hand.
However, a left-handed person would find it more convenient to wear their watch on the right wrist. Remember to wear your watch loose enough to give your wrist its full range of motion.
Finally, never wear your watch over your shirt cuff. It should always fit under your cuff.

Find the Watch That Suits Your Fashion

Learning how to wear a watch doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of the time, it’s a simple act of following your instincts.

Wear a watch that matches the rest of your outfit. Also, find a style that fits the occasion.
These simple guidelines can enhance your outfit tremendously. So, find the best watch for your fashion today!
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