Joe Santagato net worth

Joe Santagato net worth

Joe Santagato is a comedian, YouTube celebrity, and podcaster most commonly known for his accounts Frenzied Lib Madness and Idiots of the Internet.

He began his career using his most memorable camera, which he acquired by pestering his mother, for short recordings, motion pictures, photographs, and hoaxes. Then, on September 29, 2010, he started his own channel called Santagato TV and posted an amusing video in which he yells at his sibling to encourage him to wake up.

A year later, he moved his upcoming video, Get to Be Aware, with similar devotion. After that, he continued to post new recordings every Tuesday and by 2020 had over 300,000 followers.

Along these lines, in 2014, he launched Joe Santagato, a channel with over 2.6 million subscribers.

Early life

Joe Santagato was born on February 25, 1992 in Sovereigns, New York. He grew up with his family named Keith, Shannon, and Thomas.

Elizabeth Santagato is his mother, and she was a school secretary at a state-funded school. Joe’s father was a fireman in the FDNY and quit when he was six. He began kindergarten at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School.

Who also attended the Louis Armstrong Center School and early government-funded schools? In pursuit of these places, he went to St. Francis Private Academy for secondary school.

At this place, he also played football for the school. The way they are otherwise known as the Kardashians of Sovereigns is the most fitting moniker for her fans.


 joe santagato height
joe santagato height

Before starting his career as a YouTuber, he worked daily at Tiptop. Most recently worked there as a creator and manager of an American Internet-based news platform.

He didn’t want to work as a YouTuber from the beginning, however, when he saw that his channel was becoming more and more popular, he quit his job at First Class every day.

He quit his job and focused exclusively on his YouTube channel, where he quickly gained a huge following.

He used to be on a notable channel called “Settle down Kids”, but is no longer on that channel. He needed to be in front of the camera and enjoyed a ton of sports as a teenager. He bought his most memorable camera when joe santagato age was 13 years old.

He saw it as something surprising. He used to shoot spoof songs, shorts, and representations and plays with this camera.

He delivered The Sailor Yard, a digital broadcast that reached number one on iTunes. Joe also created a prepackaged game known as Hasbro, and it turned out to be a mind-boggling feat.

Joe Santagato net worth

As of 2022, Joe Santagato net worth is reported to be around $300,000. He is the most respected and dynamic YouTuber, who is slowly becoming famous.

The excellent nature of his great substance is the main explanation for what he is known for through online entertainment. He is expected to have a brilliant future and will be progressively remarkable throughout his life.

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