Mike Calta wife

Mike Calta wife, Marriage, Success, Children.

A successful radio host is Mike Calta. He has a large following and a very successful career. He is openly gay and struggled for years to come out in public. However, he has put in a lot of effort to accomplish everything he set for himself. His following is as large as his net worth, which is expected to be approximately $4 million as of February 2022. He has much more money than you might think.

Popular Radio Host

In point of fact, Mike Calta is now one of the most well-known radio hosts all over the world. Formerly known as Cowhead, Mike Calta is an American radio host from Tampa Bay, Florida. He is a role model for many people and has had a successful career. He has been able to achieve such success thanks to his zeal and dedication.

Mike Calta wife

He has been married to his professional actress partner for a long time. Mike is said to be close friends with her. Together, the name of Mike Calta wife is Amanda.

The couple lives in Los Angeles and is extremely content. When the two started dating, it was clear that they were in love with each other. The couple has a son named Andrew. They are locked in to be married in June 2019. The couple is not only married, but they also have a son. They are planning to have a third child together. Sophie, the young couple’s stunning daughter, was born.

Successful Marriage

The marriage is successful and happy. They began dating after meeting at a party. The two have been together for three years since they met in 2007. There have been numerous highs and lows in the relationship. They are content, successful, and hope to eventually start a family.

Careers that are successful

The couple is still together despite the scandals that followed Mike Calta. Both of them have a lot of talent. They have achieved great heights in their careers. He has a net worth of $4 million. In addition, they are both exceptionally near their families. The relationship is strong in this instance, and there is no doubt that they will keep working together. Calta, a young lady with charisma, appeared on WFLZ’s Bubba the Love Sponge Show, which also featured Todd Alan Clem, the original Bubba the Love Sponge. In 1996, the show was moved to EXTB 98 Rock because it was such a huge success.


mike calta wife photo
mike calta wife photo

Mike Calta has two very close children. They have three children together and reside in New York City. Alexis is the daughter of the couple. They have close relationships with their children as well. Their son is very close to his wife and has many friends. Additionally, the couple is very supportive. The couple has a strong bond. The new baby makes the kids very happy.


As a radio talk show host for Cox Media Group, Calta amassed the majority of his wealth. He marked an agreement in June 2019. He will begin hosting the Calta and Kelly Podcast in March 2020. As a result, Mike Calta salary is thought to have a $2 million net worth.

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