Mathew Thomas Clemence

Mathew Thomas Clemence: Full Data and Account

Matthew Thomas Clemens

Mathew Thomas Clemence, otherwise known as Matt Clemence is an English narrative film director. He has been working in this business for almost 10 years and his most memorable movie was “The Passings of Ian Tomlinson”. He has compiled three narratives, “The Passings of Ian Tomlinson”, “It’s Not Illegal But It’s Confused” and “A Daily Existence Interfered With”. He was born in London and experienced childhood in Northamptonshire. He went to college in Durham where he focused on film and TV production.

Matthew Thomas Clemence is the son of Phil Collins, an English drummer, writer, record producer, and entertainer. Phil is notable as one of the best drummers of his time and the main artist of the musical crew “Beginning”. Phil Collins was similarly known for his performance career beginning in 1981. In this article, we will examine the existence of Matthew Thomas Clemens, the child of Phil Collins. This article is not about Phil Collins yet his child Matthew Thomas Clemens.

Thus, let’s examine the real factors about Phil Collins’ child Matthew Thomas Clemens. To get all the data about Mathew Thomas Clemence, you should use this article from start to finish.

Matthew Thomas Clemens — General Data

Presentation by Matthew Thomas Clemens: Foundation

Name: Matthew Thomas Clemens

Different names: Matthew Known as Child of Phil Collins

Date of Birth: 1 December 2004

Age: 18 years (starting around 2022)

Beginning: London, more notably London Region, United Kingdom United Kingdom

Ras Chakra Sign: Capricorn

Identity: English

Society: White

Relatives: Nicholas Collins, Simon Collins, Julie Collins, and Lily Collins

Mother’s Name: Orion Savvy

Father’s Name: Phil Collins

He is the child of Phil Collins and his better half, Orin Seavey, who was born on December 1, 2004 in London, UK. Matthew is currently 18 years old. He is not just a descendant of his people.

Matthew Thomas Clemens’ mother, Orion Savy, is a Swiss jeweler. She is best known for her deep well-known alliance with Phil Collins, a famous English actor and entertainer. Matthew Thomas Clemens’ father is Phil Cullen, a famous English entertainer, and actor. Matthew Thomas Clemens, unlike his father, is a visual craftsman. He does not choose to become an actor like his father, Phil Collins.

Presentation by Matthew Thomas Clemens

Matthew Thomas Clemens is the child of Phil Cullen, an English actor and entertainer, and his half, Oren Savy, a Swiss jewelry designer. Matthew Thomas Clemens is best known as Phil Cullen’s child and visual artist. He chose to become a visual artist, not an actor like his father. Matthew Thomas Clemens has four relatives: Lily, Nicholas, Julie and Simon.

Her mother, Oren Savy, is a Swiss jewelry fashioner and maker, and her father is an English drummer, actor and entertainer. Her mother and father married in 1999 when her mother was 25 years old, and her father was 48 years old. It was the third marriage of her father, Phil Collins. They separated in 2006, and her mother subsequently married Charles Fawad Majati. They split in 2017, and Orion has a daughter, Andrea, in 2022. She is a relative of Matthew Thomas Clemens.


Matthew Collins, better known as Matthew, was born on December 1, 2004. The child woke him up in the more prestigious London district of the United Kingdom, an incredibly beautiful city in the United Kingdom. In 2022, Matthew Thomas Clemens is 18 years old and will celebrate his 18th birthday on December 1, 2022.

As indicated by his chronology and introduction to the month, Matthew Thomas Clemens identified the zodiac as Capricorn. This individual is still in the air and moving forward like the other Capricorn man.

Mathew Thomas Clemence has an English identity, and his nationality is white like his father Phil Collins.

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