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Nikkia whiteside

Nikkia Whiteside is a self-educated craftsman having some expertise in blended media and unique workmanship. Brought up in Los Angeles, Nikkia started her imaginative excursion early on. Exploring different avenues regarding different mediums, she tracked down her authentic love in painting. Following quite a while of sharpening her art, Nikkia has fostered her.

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Early Life

Early Schooling

Total assets


Nikkia Whiteside is a Canadian voice entertainer. She has taken care of business for English-language variants of Japanese anime series and computer games. Whiteside was brought into the world in Vancouver, English Columbia. She began her calling as a kid entertainer, showing up in TV plugs and The Odyssey’s Canadian television series. In 2006, she played a part in the free film BloodRayne 2: Liberation.

Whiteside’s voice acting profession started in 2007 when she was given a role as the personality of Yumi Sawamura in the computer game Yakuza 2. She has since accomplished voice work for a few anime series and computer games. A portion of her remarkable jobs remember Akane Tsunemori for Psycho-Pass, Whiteside’s most memorable anime job was in 2007 when she voiced the personality of Momo in the English-language variant of Peach Young lady. She has since communicated jobs in a few famous anime series, including Naruto Shippuden, Pixie Tail, and Tokyo.

Early Life

Nikkia Whiteside was brought into the world in San Francisco, California; on October 10, Nikkia went to the Secondary School of Design Businesses in New York City. After graduation, Nikkia moved to Los Angeles to seek after a profession in style plan. Nikkia’s most memorable occupation was filling in as a deals partner at a dress store. Nikkia ultimately found some work as a fashioner for a little dress organization. Nikkia’s plans were before long sold in significant retail chains the nation over. Nikkia’s prosperity as a style planner drove her to send off her dress line, Nikkia, in 2001. Nikkia’s clothing line immediately turned into a #1 among Hollywood big names and was highlighted in magazines like InStyle and Vogue. Nikkia’s plans have likewise been worn by big names on honorary pathway, including Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba. Nikkia has kept on making new assortments for her dress line and has extended her business to incorporate a gems line, Nikkia Fine Adornments.

Early Instruction

Nikkia Whiteside is a teacher who has devoted her life to aiding youngsters out of luck. Nikkia experienced childhood in a modest community in upstate New York, and she was constantly keen on helping other people. After Nikkia moved on from school, she functioned as an educator in ghetto schools. She saw firsthand the difficulties that kids in neediness face, and not set in stone to have an effect. Nikkia procured her graduate degree in training, and she presently fills in as an essential in a school for kids with extraordinary necessities. Nikkia is a backer for early instruction, and she accepts that all youngsters merit the chance to arrive at their maximum capacity.

Total assets

Nikkia Whiteside is an American money manager and business visionary. She is the organizer and President of Nikkia Tails, an extravagance pet items organization. Nikkia’s total assets is assessed to be $1 million.

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