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Microblading: Aftercare for Eyebrows

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Microblading aftercare is comparable to tattoo aftercare, albeit a little more intensive. The skin behind the pigment will be red and appear fairly black just after the operation. After all, when needles are used to puncture the skin, some redness and irritation are usually felt right away. You should wipe the area with a cotton swab dipped in sterile water around two hours after Microblading Parker, Colorado. Your brows will be free of any extra dye after doing this.

Additionally, it will keep the space clean. Between 7 and 14 days pass before the skin seems healed and the pigment reaches the desired tone.


Aftercare for eyebrows after microblading includes moisturizing the eyebrow area after the treatment. Some clients experience scabbing after the procedure. While scabbing is not usually painful, you should avoid touching it. It’s a good idea to moisturize the area, but do not rub it. If you experience scabbing, you should notify your artist so that they can adjust the aftercare.

To avoid scabbing and flaking, it’s important to avoid picking at the tattooed skin for about two weeks. It may cause scarring and can prevent the pigment from returning. In addition, don’t clean or wash the area for at least two weeks. During this time, the skin cells in the eyebrow area regenerate.

Avoiding Skin Care Products

Avoid using products containing alcohol or petrolatum to clean and maintain your brows after microblading. These products can loosen and fade the pigment. Also, they do not prevent microblading from settling in your skin. After getting your brows microbladed, you should avoid using face wash or cosmetics for at least ten days. After that, you can use a gentle face wash.

You should also avoid rubbing the brow area after microblading. It’s also best not to expose it to sunlight, as the UV Rays from the sun can fade the pigment rapidly. During this time, you should also avoid smoking. You can also protect your brows by wearing a hat.

Avoiding Makeup

One of the first steps after microblading is avoiding wearing makeup for a few days. Makeup clogs pores and produces excess oil. It also causes infections if it is constantly touched. It’s best to stay away from makeup for 14 days to six weeks. After this period, your eyebrows should be fully healed, and your eyes should be clear.

The day after the procedure, clean your eyebrows with water and a natural cleanser. Make sure to dry your eyebrows completely before applying any ointment. Afterward, you can apply sunscreen to prevent any pigment loss or scarring.

Avoiding Waxing

After microblading, it is important to avoid waxing for at least a week. Waxing may make the pigmentation in your brows change and may cause discomfort. In addition, it can cause your skin to become more sensitive. It can make it difficult for the pigment to blend in properly.

Before waxing, your brow artist will cleanse the area thoroughly. Using a mild cleanser to remove dirt or oil and lift dead skin from the hair follicle is important. It will make removal easier and reduce the likelihood of a post-wax pimple. You should also avoid wearing makeup on freshly waxed skin, as the follicles are still open and more prone to clogged pores. To remove makeup, you can use a fragrance-free cleansing gel.

Avoiding Brow Gel

For the first four weeks following your microblading session, you should avoid applying any brow gel or exfoliating products. It is because the skin in this area needs to be able to withstand the treatment. Also, if you use acids and retinol, they can thin the skin and cause it to tear.

After the procedure, the skin will be a bit dry and may look a little patchy. It is natural and will disappear in time. You can apply Aquaphor to the area to keep it from peeling or drying. Do not worry if your brows look gray or flaky after the procedure. It will fade over time, and your final result will be noticeable after seven to ten days.

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