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Shindo Life Discord Server Links and Rules

In Shindo Life Discord , you can explore giant worlds and play some game modes.

There are different types of creatures called spirits that you can battle.

You can free and unchain and awaken countless abilities.

There are also bosses you can fight for their specific skills and bloodlines.

Finally, you can rank and increase your skill level under teachers.

This article contains a Shindo Life Discord server links and server rules.

Server link

The server link is https://discord.gg/rellgames.

To get full access to the server, you must complete the authentication process.

To do this, join the Rell Games organization and use the “! Getroles” command.

When you have a problem with the verification method, you can immediately send a message to a moderator.

Note that there are no public or open chats on the server.

The server is for bulletins like polls for fun updates and buffing and nerfing.

Reel Games is the author of Shindo Life Discord and their Discord server hosts other games they are developing as well.

The game they are currently developing is RELL Seas, a one-piece Roblox game.

Shindo Life Discord Server rules

Respect all and differ throughout the chat.

Use the channels for its proper use.

Bot rule is used for bot instructions. Keep #preferred for modern conversations.

Save your ROBLOX username to your nickname. This is to help someone identify you.

Maturity is required, there is a line between joking and being stupid, recognize the line or you will be beaten or punished similarly.

No adult content. It should be a clear rule that there are many children on this network. Keep the person on topic to a minimum.

No spamming or ads in any channel. No DM commercial either.

Don’t ask for or leak personal data (IRLs, smartphone numbers, Snapchat, etc.).

Now don’t try to find loopholes in the policies.

No tagging for unnecessary reasons and don’t tag more devs.

Keep swearing to a minimum.

Do not use any racial slurs.

No spoilers outside of spoiler chats.

The above rules and regulations which can be observed are well justified for VC.

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