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What Are the Different Types of Wedding Themes That Are Popular Today?

Roughly 2 million weddings occur in the US every single year, according to the CDC. That’s a lot of weddings and a lot of different wedding themes. The sheer number of choices, ideas, and a desire to be unique cause many to struggle when planning their wedding.

The truth is that we tend to worry too much about these things. A person’s wedding will always be unique and special because it is theirs.

This doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t have a theme. It can have whatever you and your fiance want it to have.

If you aren’t sure what theme to choose, we can help. We’ll discuss some of our favorite types of wedding themes in this article.


Let’s face it; you’re not here to eat cake. You probably will eat cake, but there’s a much bigger reason to celebrate. This is the culmination of a romantic relationship, and that’s worth celebrating.

Weddings are about romance and celebrating the rest of your life with the one you love, so you might as well acknowledge it. Romantic weddings are about creating a mood.

There are many ways to build a romantic mood, such as using dimmer or simpler lights. If this is your goal, candles can go a long way. You can use linen fabrics with elegant colors to cover chair and tables. Soft music also helps, as do flowers and muted colors.

You can even utilize the timing in a creative way and get married at dusk or early in the night. There’s something incredible about sharing your first kiss and dance as a married couple underneath the moon and stars.


Another fun and creative theme for a wedding is vintage. You can create several types of weddings with this theme, as long as you’re drawing inspiration from the past.

Among the most popular time periods for a vintage wedding is the 1920s. This decade wasn’t called the Roaring ’20s for nothing. The 1920s were all about going above and beyond, and the style of the day, art deco, reflected that.

People have also gone with more contemporary influences, like the ’50s or ’60s, and far older ones. You could even have a Renaissance Fair wedding if that’s your style. Wedding attendance might not be too high, though.


Some people dream of a country wedding, and the rustic theme embodies this. Rustic weddings often utilize a lot of natural, simplistic materials. For instance, a barn isn’t an uncommon setting.

Rustic can almost be described as the opposite of art deco. It emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. The modern world is cast aside in favor of an older, more natural one.

Keep in mind that your wedding dress doesn’t have to match the theme, but you’re more than welcome to. You can find a great selection of dresses¬†at maidenwhite.com.

Types of Wedding Themes

We’ve discussed some of our favorite types of wedding themes in this article, but there’s literally an infinite number of themes, and the only limiting factor is your imagination.

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