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Cannabis Careers: How to Open a Cannabis Dispensary

Much like the gold rush of the 18th century, there’s a new rush in town, aptly named the green rush. While the precious metal re-invigorated our nation’s economy at the time, cannabis is set to explode the economy.

With Canada and most of the U.S states legalizing the consumption of weed, marijuana is tipped to be the next big industry. It’s projected that the economic impacts of marijuana sales in the United States will be upwards of $160 billion by 2025.

If you’re one of those bold people willing to venture into this growing industry, buckle up. Cannabis careers offer a relatively new market with a promising future. We’ll show you how you can cut the bureaucratic tape and take steps to become a pioneer in this exciting new market.

Starting a Successful Cannabis Dispensary

Despite legalization in some states, marijuana is still one of the most polarizing topics in our nation’s recent history. Cannabis is still classified as an illegal substance by the federal government. Opening and running a successful dispensary is not a mean fit in this overly regulated field.

However, some steps must be taken to ensure you get the green light and start your journey.

Research the Risks Involved

Like any business, there are risks involved, and you have to be very careful before you sink all your savings. As said earlier, marijuana is strongly regulated; cannabis dispensaries are held to significantly higher standards than other businesses.

There are also the financial aspects to opening a weed dispensary. Like any other business, opening a dispensary will require a significant amount of financial power. The estimated startup cost of a cannabis dispensary is $775,000. Getting this massive amount can pose a challenge.

Obtaining finance from traditional banking institutions can be a nightmare. This is due to the criminal classification of weed by the federal government.

Also, many banks have reservations about running a weed business through them. Operating your business on a cash basis could open it up to a host of new problems like theft.

With all the risks researched and ironed out, you can proceed to the next step.

Find the Perfect Location for Your Dispensary

The location you choose will have a monumental impact on the success of your pot business. Finding the sweet spot location can either make or break your business; however, there are caveats that dispensaries face.

The rules regarding dispensaries vary from state to state. However, the general rule is that CBD and cannabis dispensaries can’t be situated within 1000 feet of a community center, school, or church. Also, the dispensary should not be a part of a shopping complex or mall; they’ve to stand alone.

You’ll also have to decide whether to buy or rent a building. When you buy a property, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want with it. However, dispensaries may face intense scrutiny and outright rejection from landlords if operating under a lease.

Should you decide to rent, it’s vital that you let the landlord know what you plan to do with the property ahead of time. This avoids protracted legal issues later on.

Also, like any other business, you’ve got to consider other more traditional factors that affect a business. Foot traffic, parking space, competition, and surrounding businesses will matter. Choose wisely.

Lastly, when choosing a dispensary location, you’ve got to navigate the moral perception of the community. While it may be legal now, the public will always have an opinion on pot. You don’t want to sink considerable investments in a hostile community.


With the location secured, the next step is acquiring permits and licenses. The cost of a license and eligibility will depend on the state and city. Be ready to navigate through a series of red tapes before you can get licensed.

Before you can be given a license, you and any investors will be subjected to background checks. Ensure that you have a clean background before you apply for a license. Also, you’ll have to operate above board to ensure that you stay legally compliant and avoid license cancellation.

Source for the Product

The product that you sell will have the greatest bearing on the trajectory your business takes. To ensure that your business survives and thrives in the cutthroat arena, a source for quality products. It’s worth noting that some States require a dispensary to grow their own product.

However, if your state doesn’t require you to grow your product, you can opt to source from retailers. This will give you a chance to establish your business well before you can venture into in-house growing and production. Wherever you get your product from, ensure it’s of the highest quality.

To ensure you adhere to the quality compliance requirements, products like GemmaCert professional will let you test the quality of the products. Have a look at the GemmaCert price and some products to learn more about them.

Market Your Business

Now, you have everything you need to open your doors to clients.

Consider advertising your business to let people and potential clients know that you’re open. Identify the key selling point of your business and start a robust marketing campaign. Don’t be shy when it comes to marketing; it can be the difference between meeting your sales targets every month or having to close your doors.

Be Bold and Venture Into Cannabis Careers

You now know what it takes and how to open a cannabis dispensary. Don’t wait until it’s too late to venture into cannabis careers.

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