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Yellow vs White Kratom: What’s the Difference?

The value of the global wellness industry looks set to reach US$7 trillion within the next three years. And kratom, a herbal extract from the Southeast Asian tree, Mitragyna speciosa, is one of the latest must-have wellness products said to offer us a lifestyle boost.

But what you might not realize is that there are several different types of kratom, including red, green, yellow, and white kratom. It’s the latter two kratom strains that have drawn the most interest though, with many people unsure of where they stand on the white vs yellow kratom debate.

So, what is the difference between these two kratom types? Let’s take a look!

Different Kratom Colors Explained

Kratom comes in a variety of colors. Drying and processing techniques can impact the color but most of the time the various colors of kratom indicate the age of the plant when harvested.

For reference, you might think of different colored bell peppers and the way green, yellow, and red peppers indicate different maturities. In the same way, kratom passes through different colors the more mature the plant. For example, white kratom is from a young plant while red kratom is from a fully mature plant.

As a kratom plant matures, the leaves become more alkaline. This alkalinity, among other factors, impacts the effectiveness and unique properties each strain will have in comparison with other types of kratom.

White Kratom

When shopping for kratom products, you’re most likely to see red kratom for sale as it’s the most popular. While red kratom is said to aid relaxation and bring calm, white kratom is more uplifting and energizing. If you’re looking to improve your focus or feel more inspired, white kratom could be the best for you.

That said, within each color variety, there are different kratom strains. Some white kratom strains include White Sumatra, White Thai, and White Maeng Da. These names indicate the origin of the white kratom, with the techniques and specific plants used also affecting the quality, alkalinity, and more.

Yellow Kratom

As for yellow kratom, there’s a lot of debate about this rare strain. Some say that yellow kratom comes from a leaf harvested well past full maturity. The theory is that the leaves take on a yellowish hue when the Mitragyna speciosa tree gets older.

Although, most people agree that the yellow color comes from a different drying technique. Whether it’s red kratom dried for longer or a blend of white and green kratom dried outside, though, is still in question.

But what is certain is that yellow kratom has different properties to all other kratom strains. Yellow kratom tends to be neither very energizing nor relaxing, offering a middle ground that’s ideal for those new to the kratom experience.

A Guide to the Different Kratom Types

As this quick guide shows, there are several key differences between white kratom and yellow kratom.

While all kratom fans have their preferences, most people consider yellow kratom to be a good beginner strain and white kratom better for more advanced users – especially those looking for energizing effects.

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