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How to Wear Perfume: 4 Simple Tips

You should be good to go with a couple of spritz of your favorite perfume, right? Not quite. When it comes to beautifying yourself, applying perfume is perhaps the quickest and most straightforward part.

Yet, when you’re planning on wearing perfume, there’s more to it than meets the eye. How long your perfume will remain on your skin and in the bottle depends on several factors, including where you spray it, how much you use it, and even where you keep it (like a hot bathroom vanity).

Please keep reading for our full breakdown on how to wear perfume the right way, for a scent that would last you all day in four simple steps.

1. How to Wear Perfume 101: Dabbing Not Rubbing

You’ve undoubtedly seen your mom, grandma, or pals rub their wrists together with a dab of perfume before going out in public. It’s one of our first memories of smelling anything (and one of the hardest to break).

When applied to the skin, perfume’s top notes fade and dissipate before they have a chance to settle. As a result, the notes that first drew you to the fragrance are never fully conveyed to your skin.

To get the most out of your perfume, you need to allow it to meld with your skin’s natural oils over time. Friction from rubbing a perfume into your skin may heat it up, changing the aroma.

2. Spray It Directly on Your Pulse Points

Are you trying to figure out where to put your perfume? Focus on your pulse points.

Your veins are closest to the surface of your skin here so that you can feel your pulse. The insides of your wrists, inner elbows, belly button, lobes behind your ears, and the backs of your knees are all potential locations. These hot places on your body assist in organically dispersing a smell by emitting more body heat.

The best way to make a perfume last all day is to spritz or dab it on a few or all of your pulse points (remember, don’t rub).

3. Put It on Your Perfume After You Shower

Many of us apply perfume as our last step in our rush to get out the door. However, perfume can better penetrate the skin when it’s warm and has open pores.

So it’s a good idea to use it just after the shower while the skin is still somewhat damp yet warm. In addition, now is the time to make sure you’re selecting the right perfume for your mood and natural scent. You should check out and browse the great collection (and even better prices) they have on hand.

4. Apply a Good Amount of Moisturizer

Perfume tends to dissipate fast on dehydrated skin. If you’d like, you may also use it to lightly apply a layer of unscented body lotion or Vaseline (i.e., petroleum jelly).

In addition to keeping skin smooth and supple, these moisturizers provide perfume oils a place to hold on to, extending the life of your aroma.

Tips for Wearing Perfume: Unlocked

After reading our four essential tips on how to wear perfume, you can consider yourself an expert at applying and maintaining your favorite perfume. And, remember that your signature scent can change and evolve as your preferences do.

If you’re hungry for more beauty tips, you should check out our fashion and lifestyle section for all the other explainers and guides we have available to you.

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