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4 Reasons Why cryptocurrency is still a profitable career in 2022

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Many cryptocurrency investors regard digital money as a long-term investment. Some investors swear they will never stop holding their cryptocurrencies because they believe they will eventually supplant both gold and fiat money. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are seen as short-term investments by specific crypto traders. Some traders will even purchase cryptocurrency tokens with no actual worth because they believe the price will climb regardless.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have been subjected to multi-year bear markets, with thousands of investors losing 60% or more of their investment. Bitcoin has repeatedly broken all-time high values. Many people favor short-term investments, such as cryptocurrency trading, because they can earn a significant return in a short time. Several trading tools allow you to make money online. To access one of such legit platforms and check out the review of the platform, visit

Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Is Still A Profitable Investment In 2022

Cryptocurrency has a more comprehensive proper application than ever before.

Previously, the sole basis for bitcoin values was speculation. Crypto had no practical applications, and investors were mainly interested in it because of its potential

. However, as big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH -9.93 percent) gain real-world utility, things are beginning to change. Bitcoin, for example, is becoming more commonly accepted as a means of payment, and it recently made headlines in El Salvador when it became legal tender.

Especially when it comes to non-fungible coins and decentralized financing (DeFi) (NFTs), because most NFTs are hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain, the recent NFT growth could be beneficial to Ethereum. In the last year, DeFi has also exploded. The great majority of DeFi projects are hosted on Ethereum. Therefore as that industry grows, so might Ethereum.

Cryptocurrencies have upside potential.

The most notable benefit of investing in cryptocurrencies is the profit potential. If Bitcoin replaced gold as a store of value, each coin would be worth more than $500,000 (market capitalization of gold divided by total Bitcoins issued). Some investors believe Bitcoin will hit $1 million because it will be more accessible and better storage of wealth than gold.

The upside potential of Ethereum is similar. Anyone who wants to use DeFi to make a financial transaction must first pay using Ether tokens. For example, you must pay an Ethereum transaction fee if you wish to exchange tokens on Uniswap, buy an NFT, or acquire a loan on the blockchain. Furthermore, as additional use cases are discovered, investors will lock up their Ether to earn interest through DeFi (and soon Eth2), making Ethereum tokens rarer.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, stable stores of value

Another popular rationale for investing in bitcoin is the desire for a safe, long-term store of value. Unlike traditional currency, most cryptocurrencies have a finite supply controlled by mathematical algorithms. This prevents any political or government body from causing these digital coins to lose value due to inflation.

Taxing or confiscating tokens without the owner’s authorization is also impossible due to the cryptographic construction of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies appeal to people worried about hyperinflation, bank failures, and other common crises to traditional currencies. Bitcoin, in particular, has gotten a lot of attention because it is not affected by deflation or economic recession, prompting supporters to call it “digital gold.”

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

Legislators in Washington, D.C., and throughout the world are working on setting regulations and standards that would make cryptocurrencies safer for investors while also making them less appealing to hackers. The inclusion of Crypto tax reporting measures in the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan signed by President Trump in November might make it easier for the IRS to trace crypto activity among Americans.

Even before the new regulation, experts recommend that investors maintain track of any capital gains or losses on their cryptocurrency holdings. Investors may find it easier to record cryptocurrency transactions under the new laws. Experts believe that more regulatory advice could help minimize crypto-asset speculation if effectively targeted. Less speculation can lead to increased investor trust, attracting more long-term investors who have previously shunned the crypto market because of its speculative nature.


Cryptocurrency is a profitable investment, and if you know what you’re doing, you can become filthy rich by investing in digital currencies. Blockchain technology is a huge advancement in information security and utility. Some suitable applications have already surfaced. And a diversified portfolio should include more speculative alternative assets. If purchasing cryptocurrency appears too dangerous, there are other options for profiting from the cryptocurrency boom, like trading or mining crypto.

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