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5 Photo Editing Tips for Adobe Photoshop

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Did you know that Adobe is considering making Photoshop on the internet free at some point?

Adobe has an amazing range of image production and editing tools out on the market, and arguably remains the market leader for photo manipulation. Photoshop is renowned software that they developed way back in 1988 and has had some incredible iterations throughout the years up until now; where it could eventually be free!

However, one issue that people have with Photoshop is they think of it as complicated software to master. The truth is, Photoshop 7 0 free edition and other versions can be super-easy to use by learning just a few photo editing tips. And the results from using these tips can be astounding!

So now, let’s check out five photo editing tips for Adobe Photoshop. After you read this, your confidence levels should be up, and you’ll be ready to start editing like never before!

1. Get to Grips With Adjustment Layers

When it comes to photo editing with Photoshop, you need to get to grips with the fundamentals of adjustment layers. These layers allow you to manipulate your original image in various ways, without degrading or affecting it in any way.

To add adjustment layers, simply click on the black and white circle in Photoshop, which is at the bottom of the “Layers” panel. Then, when you need to save your image with any layers you’ve added, you will save it as a PSD or TIFF file.

2. Removing Background From Images

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool for removing backgrounds from images. We should mention that you can remove background from an image with various other Adobe products, such as Express.

To remove the background from an image in Photoshop, you just click on the remove background button, which you can find in “Quick Actions” through the “Properties” panel. To tidy up any edges, you can use the “Brush” tool.

3. Make Use of the Healing Brush

Photoshop’s “Healing Brush” is a very handy tool to improve the quality of your photos. For instance, if there is a speck of dust captured within your photo, you can use the brush to retouch the image. The brush can make small unwanted spots less noticeable or even disappear.

The idea is, that you grab some sample pixels near the problem area and then drag them over that area to mask it. To do this, you hold down “Alt” on Windows or “Option” on Mac and sample an area with one click and drag it over the problem area.

4. Crop Your Images

To crop an image, you use the “Crop Tool” in Photoshop. There are plenty of extra features that this tool offers to edit photos.

One tip is to keep pressing the “O” button on your computer. When you do this, you’ll cycle through various cropping options for your particular image.

5. Dodge and Burn

Dodging and burning are old-school photography techniques to edit photos. It’s also one of the coolest Photoshop tricks you can employ.

The idea is, that you can make certain areas of a photo lighter or darker. Use the “Dodge” tool to lighten your image in specific areas, and the “Burn” tool to darken it.

Five Cool Photoshop Editing Tips

You now have five awesome Photoshop editing tips to consider. We recommend you take your time with them, have some fun, and get creative!

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