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Are SMP Hair Solutions Right for You? A Closer Look

Did you know that more than 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss? Besides, 40% of Americans experiencing hair loss are women.

SMP hair restoration uses natural dyes and pigments to enhance the appearance of hair that’s starting to regrow from your scalp. It’s a safe and effective way to look younger and feel good about your hairline. Hair micro-pigmentation ensures the areas on your scalp with thinning hair get filled. You can consider undergoing scalp micro-pigmentation if you love keeping your hair very short and neat. Micropigmentation isn’t similar to tattoos but carries the same risks. You can develop allergies to various components in the pigment and infections connected with the tattoo ink. If your hair is thinning and you’re wondering if SMP hair solutions might be best for you, worry no more. In this article, we discuss what you should know about scalp micro-pigmentation.

SMP Hair Solution Is Permanent

There’s no reverse after going through hair micro-pigmentation. You’ll also have no daily creams to apply or monthly maintenance appointments to keep. SMP hair solutions give you a well-groomed realistic look. This offers relief since many hair treatments result in uneven results.

It’s Safe

You’ll hardly feel any ill effects after undergoing scalp micro-pigmentation treatment. The pigment used is non-toxic and safe for use. Besides, SMP treatment can work with any hairstyle, giving you the look you want. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, or grey.


A hair transplant is an alternative when seeking to get your full hair back. However, hair transplants are costly, and not everyone can afford the treatment. SMP hair treatment is affordable and long-lasting. You enjoy a double win for your wallet and the look of your hair.

Easy Maintenance

SMP hair fillers require no upkeep. It saves you the costs of buying expensive products and dye to preserve your hair’s great look. But you might have to trim any parts of your hair that grow naturally if it spoils the look you wish to maintain. The pigment used for SMP hair treatment is a permanent cosmetic and contains no additives or colorant. It won’t lose its color over time though it may lighten.

Does the Hair Treatment Process Hurt?

Feedbacks from most clients indicate that SMP isn’t a painful procedure. While it can get uncomfortable sometimes, it’s much less painful than a traditional tattoo.
The needles used when placing the pigment are very small and fine. You’ll have no pain or discomfort after your SMP hair treatment.
The treatment process takes about two to four hours to get done. Your scalp micro-pigmentation artists can also give you breaks between the sessions upon request.

SMP Hair Treatment Solutions

You’ll need to do your research well before choosing your SMP hair artists. Ask to see their certification of SMP training and county health permit.
Seek referrals from the people you know to have undergone similar treatment before. Further, ensure your artist uses sterile and packaged needles. Explore this site to learn more about hair fillers and SMP hair treatment solutions.

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