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What Does CRD Mean for Cannabinoids? A Closer Look

Did you know that about 48.2 million Americans (about 18%) used marijuana in 2019? This is either for medical or recreational use. Many became open to using it since it became legal in several states in the US.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a crucial component of medicinal marijuana. This component belongs to a class of cannabinoids.

When they extract for a while, they return to their crystal forms. The non-crystal form is called Crystal Resistant Distillate or CRD. That said, CRD is one of the hemp-derived CBD products that are legal.

But what does CRD mean, and why is it legal? Read more to know about this CBD-rich hemp extract.

Knowing CRD

To understand what CRD is, you should first know CBD Isolate. CBD isolate is the crystal form of cannabidiol, but it does not always appear in crystalline. Even the powder version of CBD isolate is crystalline.

Further, crystal-resistant distillate or CRD is THC free. This is great in the broad spectrum of cannabinoids.
It contains an average of 30-40% CBD oil and 15%-25% minor cannabinoids. That is why CRD is legal in the federal for recreational use.
CRD resists crystallization, while CBD Isolate is crystalline. CBD isolation has no minor cannabinoids.
But CRD is high in non-intoxicating cannabinoids other than CBD, such as CBC and CBG. Also, CRD can get rid of THC to the extent that it is undetectable.

CRD and Cannabinoids

CRD resists crystallization and is THC-free. This reason can be a sign that CRD is the best cannabinoid. By steering clear of recrystallization, consumers will demand more of this broad-spectrum CBD.

It can also be usable for three months up to 12 months without recrystallizing. However, this is only possible when in cold and dark storage. Recrystallization is not bad, but it can hinder the vaping experience of consumers.

This type of CBD distillate allows incredible diversity in terpene and cannabinoid profiles. There can be more benefits to CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the brain. Also, it can be good throughout the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a synergistic phenomenon. When you combine compounds in cannabis that work together, they form a better outcome.
There is a high concentration of minor cannabinoids in CRD. Thus, it can boost the effectiveness of cannabinoids. The possible benefit a person can get includes:

  • Treatment of Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Cancer
  • Other sicknesses

Although they often place CRD in vape cartridges, there are other ways people can get CRD. It can be as a capsule, gummies, and other food products.

Know What Does CRD Mean

CRD is a cannabinoid that resists crystallization. Because of this, there is a higher probability that this will increase in demand. It will most likely gain popularity among people in the vape industry.
This particular type of CBD oil is also THC-free; thus, it is legal to use. CRD has a broad spectrum that may result in an Entourage Effect and can affect humans in a positive notion. Knowing what does CRD means can help you choose properly when you purchase the product.

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