Types of Hair Removal

What Are the Different Types of Hair Removal That Exist Today?

Demand for hair removal methods and products has grown by 50% since pre-pandemic. This is due to both men and women putting more effort into their personal hygiene routines. Being unable to visit a salon and turning to at-home methods likely had something to do with it, too!

If you are also rethinking your body hair removal products and tools, you’re in luck. There are so many types of hair removal available that will allow you to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin.

Not sure what your choices are? Read on for a complete list of all the best hair removal tools and what type of hair and body part they work best on.


This is still, by far, one of the most popular types of hair removal. You can use a razor blade or electric shaver to remove hair at the level of the skin. You can use this method of hair removal on most body parts and it is one of the quickest, most painless, and most affordable methods.


Want a more permanent way to remove hair? IPL hair removal is likely the best method.

It uses Intense Pulsed Light to destroy hair follicles, ensuring that the hair is unlikely to grow back. This method can also help your skin return to optimal health by stimulating the growth of healthy skin cells.

Lasering works best on dark hair. It is expensive but the results can be permanent.


Waxing is less permanent than lasering but has longer-lasting results than shaving. This method involves applying hot wax onto your skin and using strips of material to peel it off, removing the hair at the root. This type of hair removal is best for legs, ears, and noses where the skin is thicker.


Sugaring is like waxing, but instead of using wax, the mixture consists of sugar, lemon, and water. Some say it’s less painful than waxing, but there is little difference. Both are quite affordable types of hair removal, though.


It’s the method of removing hair using twisted cotton thread. It’s a tricky technique to learn, but cheap and effective at removing eyebrow hair or random hairs for a few weeks.


Plucking is like threading but using tweezers instead of cotton. It is also affordable, not too painful, and best for eyebrow hairs and rogue body hairs.


Epilators are electrical devices that look like electric shavers, but they have lots of tiny tweezers rotating to pick out hair.

It is far more painful than shaving, but since it pulls hair out at the root, it is longer lasting. And unlike waxing, it doesn’t remove skin cells and causes less mess.


Depilatory creams break down the proteins in the hair and cause them to fall out. Most take around 10 minutes to work and the results last as long as shaving.


If chronic conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) cause your hair growth, you may need medication to control it. Consult your GP or medical professional for advice.

Which Types of Hair Removal Work for You?

When deciding on the best types of hair removal for you, consider your budget, the time you want to spend removing hair, and what hair you want to remove. And now that you know your options, you’ll be able to choose the ones that work for your lifestyle.

Looking after your appearance can improve your confidence as well as your general health and wellbeing. If you want more fashion and beauty tips, why not check out all of the articles we have on our website!

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