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Elevate Your Charm with Gold Rings

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Among a large variety of different jewellery pieces, gold rings have made their way into the gold jewellery collection and have become a staple accessory. Gold rings have always been a symbol of elegance and sophistication, and because of this popularity, they now come in so many different styles and designs! Have problems chosen the right one for you? Then here is a guide to help you decide!

Choose the Colour

Gold rings come in three different shades- yellow, white, and rose, and you might see this all around you when planning to buy gold rings.

1)   Yellow gold rings

Yellow is the traditional gold ring colour and is the first colour every jewellery collection must have. Yellow gold is also very popular because these are the most hypoallergenic type compared to the rest of the shades.

2)  White gold rings

One of the most popular shades of gold that many people are purchasing these days is white gold. These are usually a less expensive alternative to platinum, and many people choose white gold when they want to purchase diamond jewellery. When purchasing diamonds, the best thing about choosing white gold is that white reflects even more into the diamond, causing the stone to shine brighter.

3)  Rose gold rings

A very trending option these days is rose gold because the beautiful rose shade will seamlessly enhance the beauty of your jewellery. These can also be beautifully paired with diamonds and are now a must-have.

What karat should it be?

Karat is usually how pure the gold is, and the higher the karat, the more expensive it gets. Karat can also determine the durability of the metal, meaning that the lower the karat, the harder the gold ring can be since gold, in reality, is a soft metal. The standard karat for gold rings is 22 karats, which people usually go for. However, if you plan to purchase diamond and gold rings, you might want to go for lower karats like 18 karats and 14 karats since this helps hold the diamonds in place.

Choosing a band

Picking a band for your gold rings is usually based on personal preferences and styles. The most common types of bands that people go for are:

  • Brightly polished gold bands

These classic bands have a glittering surface, a perfect addition to charm your look!

  • Matte Gold rings

Another sophisticated option you could go for is the matte gold band, and these can be a beautiful accessory that can elevate your style!

  • Ice gold band

If you want to move from the traditional and simple designs, you could go for the ice gold surface with a rougher texture than usual.

  • Gold rings with designs

A little motif on your charming gold rings can enhance the piece’s beauty. This also provides the perfect opportunity for customization!

Getting gold rings will never be a mistake, so go online and check out the huge collection of trendy gold ring designs and purchase something your collection misses!

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