How Old Is Kayla from Dancing Dolls

How old is Kayla from Dancing Dolls?

The popular American dancing reality show Kayla Dancing Dolls debuted on March 5, 2014, on Lifetime. Kayla, the show’s leader of the Dancing Dolls, was one of the contestants. We are going to talk about Kayla Dancing Dolls and How Old Is Kayla from Dancing Dolls in this article.


Kayla Jones is a Jackson, Mississippi-based dancer. She was the captain of the Dancing Dolls in the first and second seasons of Bring It! She joined the team as an assistant coach after graduating from the team. Tina Jones is her mother, and Terrell Vaughn is her father. She has five siblings. Tina Jones and Terrell Vaughn gave birth to Kayla Jones in Jackson, Mississippi. Mo Johnson is the name of her boyfriend. She continued to be her partner’s best friend in the “Bring It!” Sunjai Williams, series

How old is Kayla from dancing dolls?

Since she appeared on the show a few years ago, viewers of Kayla Dancing Dolls have been wondering How Old Kayla is and her current age. Kayla Jones was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on May 10, 1997. Kayla is 24 years old, 8 months, and 3 days old as of January 2022. Kayla is 24 years of age at this point.

Kayla Dancing Dolls’ Instagram account

The Instagram ID of Kayla Dancing Dolls was unclear because she did not have a verified account, which caused fans to be extremely perplexed regarding her account. The sources claim that Kayla Jones from Dancing Dolls’ Instagram account is @dat.dollkayla. There are 4,174 and 106 followers on her Instagram ID. On her Instagram account right now, she has made 26 posts.

Kayla, who is 24 years old, has a lot of money. She weighs 64 kilograms and 141 pounds, and her height is 1.68 meters. According to reliable sources, Kayla’s current net worth is less than $500,000, but as she begins to build her career, it will undoubtedly rise.

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