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How to Watch TV in your RV

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An RV usually comes with many amenities. However, one that might be usually overlooked is a TV. This is mainly because a road trip does not leave time to sit inside and browse channels.

However, in case you’re someone who likes to be up to date on the latest news or just would prefer a couple of nights holed up inside, enjoying a good move, then having a TV might bring many advantages and further enhance your RV experience.

However, watching TV in an RV is not as simple as it sounds. You can’t expect that just turning on the TV will lead to having a plethora of channels or movies and tv shows at your disposal. It’s much trickier than this, especially since the RV is constantly on the move, and you might be stopping at places that do not have the best signals.

Do not worry! We will guide you on the best and easiest ways that you can watch TV in your RV. You might need to make some important decisions, for example, to get which outdoor antenna for your RV or, if you prefer streaming, which streaming service might be the best option. So let’s get into it, and we hope this helps make the process of watching TV in an RV straightforward and stress-free.

Placement of the TV

The first thing to get out of the way is the placement of the TV set. If you decide on this early on, then you will end up with half of the work already done. It’s best to keep your TV mounted somewhere, especially if it’s a flat screen.

Since the RV is a moving vehicle, this ensures that the TV won’t fall and will be stuck in one place without any harm coming to it. It will also allow other passengers to watch TV while the car is moving.

Another thing to consider is that the TV is placed somewhere where people sitting on the couch or bed in the RV can easily watch it. It should be in their line of vision. If it’s an uncomfortable position, then there is no point in having a TV in the RV at all. Thus, this is a decision you should make early on, specifically looking at the RV space and figuring out where a TV would fit the best.

How to watch TV in your RV

Now there are many ways to access channels, TV shows, and movies in an RV. We will list these for you but keep in mind that all have their pros and cons, and you will have to weigh those yourself to figure out what option would be the most suitable and convenient for you.

Antenna TV

Watching TV through an outdoor antenna will require you to set up one on top of the RV and then move it around to see which direction gets the best picture quality. The number of channels you get will depend on your RV’s location but be assured to get at least more than twenty in any location.

The pros of watching TV this way are that it’s free, thus making it a budget-friendly option. However, sometimes you might not get many channels to choose from, and you’re also restricted to watching what’s on, rather than having a choice in what to watch and when to watch it.

Streaming TV

Watching television in an RV through streaming is quite a popular way to watch TV as well. You just have to be subscribed to any streaming service, like Netflix, Hulu, etc., and then you can use an HDMI cable or Chromecast to watch your favorite shows and movies at any time.

Though streaming gives you way more choice and freedom in watching TV, there are downsides to it. The major one is that this method can’t work unless you have a good internet connection or have access to a huge amount of mobile data to spend on watching TV. The only solution to this might be to park your RV at camping grounds that are known to have a good internet connection.

Another con of streaming is that it’s not free, unlike the previous option. Depending on the number of streaming services you subscribe to, and if you end up using your hotspot, the cost might go up, and you might end up paying way more for watching TV in your RV than you initially imagined.

Final Thoughts

Watching TV in your RV can be a fun and relaxing experience. It’s obvious that it’s not very hard to set up, and we hope these few tips and tricks make the whole process even easier.

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