5 Ways To Look Chic In A Cardigan

Is it sweater weather yet? Depending on where you live, it might be a few weeks or months away, but it never hurts to check your wardrobe, so you know you’re prepared. Sweaters, coats, jackets, blazers, and windbreakers will soon be in season, and it’s time you stock up on fashion essentials that make you look chic despite the chilly or even icy weather outside. 

Chic Styling Tips When Wearing A Cardigan 

Before heading out shopping, don’t forget that there’s another essential perfect for the cold breeze – a cardigan. This fashion staple comes in different styles, patterns, colours, and fabrics, making it an ideal piece you can wear and style in multiple ways. Moreover, cardigans are often light enough to wear all year round, making them the perfect cover-up to complete your ensemble. 

If you’re looking for chic ways to style and wear your cardigan, here’s your cue. Below are some hints that can help you mix and match, stay trendy, and look tastefully casual in this outer piece: 

  • Go For Long Cardigans 

One cardigan trend that’ll probably never go away is the long style. The long cardigan is the ideal balance of cosy and fashionable, making it suitable for any time of the year. Just look at these Scanlan Theodore tops and cardigans that come in various lengths, so you can play with different styles all year long.  

Going for a casual look? Pair your long cardigan with jeans and a chic inner top, and you’re good to go. You can also wear it with a short skirt to make your legs look longer and slenderer. A calf-length, soft knit piece will keep you warm without making you sweaty when the temperature hovers between chilly and warm. If the weather begins to cool, go for a thick knit that will keep your arms and shoulders warm. 

  • Get Chunky 

If the sweater weather is getting more serious, there’s a cardigan number you can put on to keep you warm and fuzzy without giving up your style. A chunky cardigan comes to the rescue to add a finishing touch to your outfit and is also perfect for layering up. You’ve got some classic styles to choose from, along with floor-length ones you can tie on the waist for a well-put-together look. 

You can wear a chunky cardigan as a top or style it as a mid-layer between a jacket and a lightweight top when temperatures drop. If it’s not too cold outside, undo a few buttons to let it slide off your shoulder for a subtle reveal of skin. 

  • Choose A Cardigan With A Shawl Collar 

Your classic cardigan can have a stylish and instant upgrade if you pick one with a shawl collar that effortlessly drapes over your chest. It’s a perfect ensemble when you’re aiming for a casual look that pairs well with any type of footwear.  

You can wear your go-to heels paired with distressed jeans for a chic look. Or go for leather pants, black boots, and a turtleneck top to have that modern and sexy appeal. A cardigan with a shawl collar is as versatile as it gets, and you can get them in different colours and fabrics so you can wear them in the office, school, or even for a night out with friends. 

  • Wear It Over A Dress 

When pencil skirts don’t give you the sophisticated look you’re hoping to get, you can count on a dress and cardigan combo to do the trick. A midi slip dress, for instance, can be worn underneath your favourite cardigan if you need an office-worthy ensemble. If you plan on dining out after work, you can simply remove the cardigan and leave your midi dress as it is for a more outgoing vibe. 

You can also accentuate your dress and cardigan combo by adding a belt to your sweater. Doing so will give your ensemble a finishing touch that’s sleek and chic enough for smart-casual attire.  

  • Crop It Up 

Cropped cardigans are also taking centre stage lately, with celebrities wearing them for a quick stroll down the streets of New York and other busy cities. This style is the perfect pairing for your high-waisted palazzo pants, pencil skirts, or straight-leg jeans. A cropped cardigan can also help you create the illusion that you’re tucking in your top without the bulky look. 

Look for a sweater made of thin fabric if you plan on using it as your top, and button it up to highlight your curves. If you have a cardigan in a regular length, you can tie it up and roll the sides under to make it look like a cropped top. 

Final Words 

Cardigans can elevate your ensembles in different ways. This versatile clothing piece is a staple you shouldn’t miss when doing a wardrobe overhaul. So, go ahead and strut your way down the chic lane by donning one of these stylish, easy-to-wear cardigans.

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