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Microorganisms in our microbiome aid in digestion, regulate the immune system, produce vitamins, and protect us from bacteria that can cause disease. All aspects of human development and health are managed by the trillions of bacteria in our gut. This microbiome is made up of bacteria, viruses, archaea, and fungi. Human microbes org/donors are fighting these diseases.

These microscopic organisms not only play a role in the immune system and other parts of the human body but are also essential for digestion. Consequently, scientists began treating immunocompromised individuals with extracts from healthy individuals. Human Microbes Review: Is it real or just a con where they just sample your waste and don’t pay you?

About the human microbes org

The organization works with stool donors who are based in the US and Canada but also accepts stool donors from around the world. They will reimburse your gift if you send your sample on dry ice. However, the donor must be healthy.

Michael Harp started this organization to use bacteria in excrement to help everyone suffering from his and other people’s ill health. Since they already spend a considerable amount on doctors, they place a premium on the quality of donations made for medical purposes.

It aims to find and select healthy donors through screening and selection. Then, the effectiveness of the approach is tested by monitoring its results.

Are human microbes org/donors real or not?

Whether the organization you are giving your waste to is legitimate or a scam is an important question. With information about the creator and the company’s operations, the website appears genuine. Let’s do some more research to make sure.

Item Quality: They claim to be high-quality donors after completing the screening procedure. By clearly explaining how and where they will obtain the microbiome to improve their health and well-being, recipients are reassured.

Founder: The website’s founder, Michael Harp, was in poor health before he discovered that bacteria could boost the immune system. After that, he develops this networking system to help others with health problems.

Address and Contact Information: You can contact them through email with conditions. They have provided a form to help you fill in all the information.


Shipping: You can ship your waste sample anywhere in the world, and the recipient will pay for dry ice shipping. Components must be shipped with care. The donor will receive all payments and orders. In addition to covering dry ice shipping costs, you’ll receive $500 for every stool donated.

Reviews from customers

According to reviews left by users on other websites, they were compensated after their donation. This treatment method that uses the healthy waste microbiome is well-received by the public. It is a matter of life or death, so thousands of people are screened before being selected as donors. A person with eczema was spending a lot of money on treatment. He later discovered this network and started using these bacteria, completely eliminating eczema from his life.

Discounts and promotions

The company does not currently offer any specials or discounts. They get little attention elsewhere or on social media. They are usually discovered by searching on Google or through flyers. Using natural bacteria to treat patients is a great way to make money.

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