Gerardo Fernandez

Introduction of gerardo fernández

Gerardo is acknowledged to keep the tradition of El Charro de Huentitán. Evidently, he has joined the narco and is dealing with the exclusive organization for quite a while now.

Furthermore, Fernandez is portrayed as a very much arranged, driven, degenerate person. Peculiarly, he is the principal individual from the family who picked a place of wellbeing life.

Gerardo Fernandez’s edad is probable around his fifties. He has been expected to shield the tradition of his father. Probably, his father, Vicente Fernández kicked the bucket at 81 years of age. To be sure, he had been in the crisis unit for more than six days.

On December 12, 2021, he left the world with tremendous heaps of memories. Supposedly, he had fallen at his home on August 6. He had been really hurt and was rushed to the facility.

At this moment, the justification for Vicente’s obliteration is at this point being investigated. Most of the netizens acknowledged that he passed on ensuing to getting his cervical spine injury

Right now, we can be ensured that Gerardo Fernandez is 50 to 60 years old. Anyway, we can’t assert his cautious edad at the present time. Gerardo Fernandez is extensively seen as Vicente Fernandez’s youngster. Different sources report that he has an unbelievable association with Ignacio Colonel.

Additionally, Celebsaga has found that Vicente gave over his space to his sweetheart kid. This infers that he will as of now be at risk for all of the things moved by his father.

Notwithstanding his positive individual, Gerardo Fernandez was once faulted for snatching his sibling, Vicente Jr. Purportedly; he had done as such to get his father’s character and inheritance.

Discussing his father, Vicente was a well-known Mexican singer. Similarly, he was a performer and movie producer. A part of his notable films are Mi Querido Viejo, The Bricklayer, El Tahur, etc.

Of course, his most notable tunes consolidate Por Tu Maldito Amor, Aca Entre Nos, A Mi Manera, etc regardless of the way that Vicente is no more with us, his creation will ceaselessly remain in our spirits.

Gerardo Fernandez will have a huge part of his dad’s complete assets. Without a doubt, he is very rich. At this moment, we are dubious with respect to his assets, pay, pay, or all-out resources. Regardless, we can certify that Gerardo’s evaluated total assets were around $25 million.

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