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The 10 Best Uses for Promotional Crystal Paperweights

A promotional glass paperweight is a great giveaway at corporate events, exhibitions, or celebrations. Our article reveals ten different ways to use a customized crystal paperweight at your event to dazzle guests, customers, and suppliers.

Using Promotional Crystal Paperweights To Impress

The perfect way to reward top performers or get your brand onto the desks of key clients is with engraved promotional glass paperweights.

You want your promotional paperweight to reflect your brand quality and 3D crystal engraved paperweights delivered. Personalized glass paperweights allow you to target your message to every customer.

Employees love promotional glass paperweights, and they’re an ideal gift for their desks or to motivate them. Placed prominently on their desk, it is a daily visual reminder of the value and appreciation your company puts on staff achievement. In sales offices, it also encourages a sense of competition for your team.

Deciding Which Decoration Technique To Use

Your promotional crystal paperweights can be enhanced with some fabulous decoration techniques using new technology. Clients seek innovative, stunningly crafted custom gifts that are within their budget. Nowadays, clients are looking for quality products that reflect their brands and not just sandblasting and surface etching.

Thanks to innovative technologies, 3D laser glass engraving has come a long way. Buildings, logos, animals, products, and even mascots have been engraved in amazing 3D detail by crystal product manufacturers.

With the advancements in UV printing technology, crystal manufacturers and engravers can now print brilliant full-color designs on the crystal. If you want to create a design that is truly unique, you can add a fully colored print or emboss your design to make it more detailed.

When presenting your crystal engraved paperweights gift, don’t forget the importance of making a good first impression. You can present your crystal engraved paperweight in a lovely satin-lined box. 

If you want to take your gifts to the next level, you can have the boxes customized by adding your brand and logo to them. You could also get your bespoke design printed on the wraparound sleeve.

Top Uses of Presenting Promotional Crystal Paperweights

Here are some of the top ways to use custom glass paperweights for promotional purposes.

1. Giveaways

The versatility of promotional paperweights makes them very useful for everything from giveaways at exhibitions, conference gifts, building openings,  product launches, and field sales gifts. Despite being perceived as high-end, crystal glass promotional gifts are surprisingly affordable. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Staff Incentive Awards

You can reward your star employee with a stylish crystal desk gift that serves as a daily reminder that their hard work is recognized and appreciated in the company.

3. Long Service award gifts

As a symbol of recognition, a personalized crystal desktop gift is a great way to recognize long service for employees.

4. Company Anniversary Awards

Get your clients and employees a 3D etched paperweight to celebrate those important milestones in your company. You can use this to celebrate your ten-year or 150-year business anniversaries, as well as have your brand displayed on the desks of your most important clients every day- an ideal gift for a company anniversary.

5. New Product launch

You’ll be amazed at the intricate detailing that can be engraved on a customized crystal paperweight. It can be made to replicate the business’ product in its entirety in 3D. A professional crystal products manufacturer can create absolutely anything, so it makes for an attractive option to have a personalized crystal crafted, whether it’s a phone, machine, food product, piece of furniture, or a car.

6. New building opening

In 3D crystal, buildings look amazing, whether it’s new warehouses, train stations, sailing club houses, homes, train stations, office buildings, etc. As a promotional item, crystal paperweights can be a great choice here.

7. Thank you Gift /Project completion memento

You can use this as a way of thanking a project team or as a way of celebrating a large project’s completion. Besides being ideal conference mementos, glass paperweights also make excellent speaker gifts.

8. Commemorative souvenirs & Sports Memorabilia

Personalized paperweights make great match-day gifts and corporate event hospitality gifts. Your bespoke 3D corporate gift design can be tailored to any sport – from football and tennis to motor racing and rugby.

9. Retirement gifts

Bespoke glass paperweights are a great way to celebrate a lifetime of accomplishments and say goodbye. 

10. Tombstone gift

Crystal is the perfect medium for reflecting on big achievements. This is a great way to acknowledge the efforts of all team members in recognition of that big deal.

Professional crystal product manufacturers and engravers can produce an array of stunning promotional gifts. If you’re looking for the right giveaway for corporate events, explore some design ideas with a creative team to put together your personalized crystal paperweight.

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