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The top 10 apps for cruisers

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Modern life has been transformed by technology. The rise of smartphones and digital applications has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives, including travel and vacations. And cruising is no exception – in fact, the cruise industry has embraced this transformation to streamline and improve the onboard experience!

Cruise lines have taken small steps and giant leaps forward when it comes to the use of apps for a wide variety of onboard experiences. From easy currency conversions to activity reservations, and itinerary planning to communication, apps are an increasingly omnipresent feature in cruise life, making your California cruise or dream tour of the Caribbean even better.

But as with every example of digital technology, there is an enormous variety of options to choose from, and it can be hard to distinguish the genuinely useful from the spam. So to assist with planning your next cruise vacation, here are the top 10 most useful apps for cruisers.


A versatile, functional, and extremely user-friendly hub for all your pre-cruise planning needs, TripIt essentially lets you manage all your travel admin and organization (transfers, flights, itineraries, etc) from a single app, as well as sending you useful updates and reminders whenever you need them.

PackPoint Packing

Packing lists are one of the best travel hacks for simplifying and streamlining your vacation, whether a cruise or any other type of trip. PackPoint makes creating bespoke packing lists a breeze, lets you check everything in and out of your luggage, and makes helpful suggestions based on weather, destination, and time of year.

Celebrity Cruises app

One of the most innovative and practical apps developed by a cruise line, the Celebrity Cruises app offers you the same sort of functionality you get with a smart home, but on the ocean! Control your entire onboard experience from the palm of your hand, from cabin temperature, lights, and TV, to dinner reservations, communication, and even your door key!

Mobile Passport Control

If your itinerary takes you through multiple international jurisdictions, then Mobile Passport Control is a must. Simply upload your passport details and customs declarations, and your entire journey and return to your US port will be a far more streamlined and easy experience.


One of the best ways to crowdsource your next cruise, Shipmate lets you record and review your own cruise experience, as well as read thousands of real reviews and experiences from other cruisers, alongside user photos and an extremely helpful chat feature.

Relax Melodies

Despite your best efforts in picking the right cabin, getting to sleep on a cruise can be tricky for light sleepers who are disturbed by surrounding noises. Relax Melodies offers a variety of options to help people into the land of nod, from natural ocean sounds to soothing white noise.


This classic travel forum remains the gold standard for getting recommendations for everything from which cruise line to choose or which ports to visit, to the best restaurants and tourist attractions to discover when on a shore excursion.

Google Translate

Communication with the locals can be tricky, particularly when your cruise itinerary takes in numerous international destinations. Google Translate gives you the ability to smooth out those annoying language barriers and avoid misunderstandings.

XE Currency

Another extremely useful tool for itineraries that take in multiple countries, XE Currency gives you real-time currency conversions, so you know exactly how far your dollars will go, wherever you are.


If you are an adventurous cruiser who likes to explore each port independently, then Maps.Me might be the app for you. Providing detailed maps of almost every city or town in the world, alongside businesses, restaurants, attractions, and points of interest. Best of all, it works offline!

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