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The Trendiest Summer Baby Clothing Styles

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I can’t help but look at a few of my baby pictures and wonder, “What was my mother thinking putting me in that dress and hat combination?” Born in the mid-90s, my baby/toddler wardrobe was a mix of neon, color block patterns, florals, and muted pastels. Style trends have a tendency to be cyclical. What’s cool one decade will be tacky and out of date the next, only to resurface the next decade with a modern twist. So while some of the outfits my parents dressed me in are questionable at best, there are a few making their way back into style.

However, unlike the moms and das of the 90s, parents today have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to dressing their baby. And for those mamas and papas who like to dress with the trends, there are now shops dedicated to selling trendy baby clothes so the whole family can look “fashion week” ready. Of course, when it comes to dressing your little one, there’s more than just style that goes into determining picking their outfit. 

Safety, durability, and size are the three main components parents measure when purchasing an outfit, and rightly so. Little ones grow so fast, and if you’re buying clothes for a season or two ahead, we recommend sizing up, as finding out your favorite summer dress you bought for your daughter last year is a size too small by the time June rolls around, is a major let down. Kids are also always on the move, so you’ll want to ensure whatever you buy is made to last and won’t wear out from crawling. But the number one criteria for baby clothing is safety, by far. It’s essential to ensure the product is made from safe materials, and doesn’t have anything that could be ripped off and present a choking hazard. 

Once those three components are met, it’s time to focus on style! What’s great about 2022 is that, while yes, there are current trends and patterns dictated by the fashion elite, individual style is becoming more and more celebrated. When your baby is an infant and their personality just developing, parents have free reign over what they dress them in. But as they get older and their personality starts to shine brighter, we encourage you to take that into consideration when choosing their outfits! 

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