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Tips for keeping the Shine on the Floors for a Fresh Start this Year

A shiny floor makes a big difference inside every home. You may not have luxury tiles or porcelain flooring. `but the good old polished and neat surface underneath everyone’s feet is simply mesmerizing.

It’s A great way to show off what type of a homeowner you are. It is also an excellent place to start your year right with a clean and fresh-looking floor at home!

Furthermore, clean, polished floors are functional floors.

Quick and Easy to Follow Tips to Care for the Floors at Home

Depending on the load of traffic your home meets, the process of cleaning may go from simple to complex. Also, it depends on the type of flooring materials you use. Good thing there are concrete companies in Orlando to give good advice, which today’s post has gathered for you!

Learn how to give your home stunning concrete steps—five essential cleaning tricks.

1- Practical basic cleaning

Practical basic cleaning

When you say basic cleaning, this would only involve the tool you already stored for household use. Mop, repurpose cloth, commercial cleaning solutions.

You don’t need any complex cleaning procedures. If you got these basic materials, you could care for the floors. Having the basic materials ready will allow you to go quickly where the mess occurred. Do not delay when sold food spilled on the surface; sugary drinks do not need to wait for some expert to wipe it away. Clean the surface immediately.

Important tip: quick walk with a mop to sweep the dirt off fast, even if many people are present on your property.

2- Use rugs and carpets for extra protection on the floors

Use rugs and carpets for extra protection on the floors

Important tip: You can use mats or rugs when people gather in your home. You may have a celebration or meeting at home and gusset could inevitably dirty up the floors. Food and drinks would spill.

Aside from being quick to clean when stains appear on the surface, it would be helpful to have rugs ready to wipe the surface in a second.

Important tip: If you plan out a gathering in our properties, use carpets to accent the spaces at your home. At the same time, it would also give instant protection for stains, dirt, and mud. It gives you more ease that you save the flooring from potential repairs.

Carpets are easy to wash, or a dry cleaner would not cost that much for our bucks. It is more practical than fixing the floors due to major stains and flaws.

3- Use pH Neutral cleaning solutions

Use pH Neutral cleaning solutions

Have you ever tried to clean tough stains and mud on the concrete floorings only to create another type of damage? A whitish flaw appeared on the surface, and the flooring slabs got acid washed by strong chemicals from commercial cleaners.

You would want to avoid this by using gentle cleaning solutions. You can find cleaners with balanced pH contents to reduce the acidic effect when cleaning a concrete surface.

4- Use a microfiber sponge to scrub the floors gently

sponge for floors gently

No matter how hard a stain or dirt has stuck on the concrete surface, do not use a steel brush. Concrete or any hard material on your floor is durable. That is an entire slab concerned.

On the surface level, the floors are prone to abrasion, especially from sharp and metallic objects.

There is this product known as microfiber scrubs. These are effective scrubbing tools to wash away stubborn dirt, especially on the flooring surfaces.

5- Re Polish the floors

floors re-polish

Polishing is a method both you and professionals at concrete restoration Houston Tx.

Can do. With minor fixes, a DIY polishing is enough. Go back to the tips above, and you can revive the neat and parking look of the slabs.

However, another important tip is to leave the major repairs with the help of the pros. It would cause more damages and cost you more fees if you fail to repair a severe issue.


There is no need to complicate your floor care routine at home, and it is also best to do your part as homeowners and commit to the easy task. Leave the hardcore flooring repair jobs to your nearby contractors.

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