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Wardrobe Solutions

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It can be easy to dismiss the importance of your wardrobe storage. After all, with so much traveling, stress, and busy jobs, most people simply leave their clothes scattered on the floor! Not only is this harmful to your beautiful garments, but it can create an environment that worsens stress and anxiety. Fortunately, there are lots of creative storage solutions for your wardrobe, including working with a company that specializes in wardrobe solutions! Below are some of the many companies that can help you stay organized and improve your wardrobe storage.


Garderobegutten is one of the top choices for people that need extra space to store their wardrobe, those who want a niche bedroom installation, and those that need creative solutions for their wardrobe. One of Garderobegutten’s best-selling items is its mirrored sliding doors, which can add lighting to the room while also helping open up the space.

You can easily slide the mirrored doors open and retrieve your most valuable clothing and wardrobe items. This company is known in Norway for its fast attentiveness and ease of communication with its customer service and creative teams. Many happy homeowners can find just what they’re looking for at a moment’s notice. You can also shop for their pre-made collection of classic wardrobe units and accessories.

This company offers fast shipping in 7 to 10 days, and they also allow customers to choose their own wood colors for various wardrobes. From light oak to walnut and wenge, there’s no limit to the customization options you can experience at Garderobegutten. Find more information here, and register your phone number so someone can get in touch as soon as possible.


If you’re looking for wardrobe solutions in Sweden, look no further than Kvanum. Kvanum sets itself apart as one of the oldest wardrobe and storage solution companies in the area, having been founded in 1923. Since then, they have perfected the art of using environmentally-friendly materials to craft their wardrobe solutions, as well as helping homeowners, reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy a beautiful space.

Kvanum offers a wide range of products, including classic, modern classic, and contemporary wardrobe storage solutions. You can design a walk-in closet with shelves and cabinets made from the finest woods. Kvanum partners with only certified forestry companies that provide sustainably sourced wood.

In addition to walk-in closet spaces, Kvanum also offers other luxury storage solutions for all of your things. Consider contacting them to find out more about their kitchen and bath solutions. Their interior design team will work with you to find the best solution for your items, be it an interior walk-in closet or storage bench. The possibilities are endless! Find out more about Kvanum here and schedule your appointment by calling them today.

Inspired Elements

If you live in the United Kingdom, you might have heard of the recent trend of fitted wardrobes. Nothing is worse than having a piece of furniture that won’t fit into your room. Even worse is not having enough space or a wardrobe that won’t fit into your room! Fortunately, Inspired Elements offers both fitted bedroom furniture and wardrobes so you can maximize your space!

These wardrobes are some of the best designed and made of high-quality materials. You can opt for a more modern look and have glass mirrored wardrobes installed. Alternatively, Inspired Elements also offers wooden sliding wardrobes that can create a traditional space and help you create a relaxed, warm environment.

With so many people owning flats and needing to renovate in the UK, Inspired Elements is the perfect company to partner with! Consider giving them a call and visiting their website to find out more about their wardrobe and storage solutions. You can explore the different materials they use for their wardrobe solutions and view gallery pictures of previous jobs so you can get inspired!

Get Organized Today With Wardrobe Solutions

Don’t let your beautiful clothes fall victim to the floor. Instead, contact one of these high-quality wardrobe and interior designers in Europe today to get organized! You’ll be amazed at how much these wardrobe solutions can make a difference, and how much better you’ll feel once you start getting organized.

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