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What Are 3 Cosmetics Everyone Should Have and Why?

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Numerous cosmetic products in the market enable you to achieve that youthful glow you might be looking for. People have different preferences for cosmetics due to differences in skin tone, taste, and choice, among other reasons. In this article, you will be coming across three of the most important cosmetics and why everyone should have them.

1.  Facial Sunscreen

Due to the sensitive nature of your skin, it is prone to sunburns once you are exposed to the sun. In extreme conditions, the rays emitted by the sun may end up causing skin cancer or dark spots. Treating these spots can be very costly as it may require several appointments and medication treatments, which do not fully guarantee the eradication of the spots.

For an effective sunscreen choice, it is mandatory to understand your skin tone first, as some may be harsh on your face causing more damage than good. Consulting your dermatologist may help you make the right decision. Sunscreens are applied depending on the amount of time you are exposed to the sun; hence higher amounts if the sun exposure durations are longer.


1. Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

Face sunscreen shields your face from the scorching UV rays emitted by the sun. These rays, in high intensity, can lead to skin cancer which can be very difficult to live with and treat.

2. Avoid Sunburns

Sunburns can be very unpleasant as they cause a hot stingy sensation on your skin. Wearing sunscreen reduces this discomfort.

3. Reduces Premature aging

Sunscreens protect your skin from damages that may lead to wrinkles.

2.  Lip Moisturizer

A lip moisturizer hydrates and moisturizes your lips and keeps them from dryness and chapping. Apart from that, it helps them look smoother and finer. There are different types of lip balms in the market, including tinted lip balm, clear lip balm, and scented lip balm, among others. The best thing about lip moisturizers is that they are unisex and can be used by everybody, and are easy to carry around as they come in small portable packs.


1. Enhanced Protection

Lip skin is one of the thinnest skins on the body, requiring additional protection. By moisturizing your lips, you protect them from chipping, cracking, and bruising, among other injuries.

2. Reduced Dryness

From research done, most people tend to opt to lick their lips to moisturize them. Licking your lips leads to a loss of natural moisturizers in your lips, leading to dryness of the lips. Lip moisturizers complement these natural moisturizers ensuring that they work hand in hand to keep your lips hydrolyzed.

3. Increase lip fullness

Lip moisturizers are equipped with agents that facilitate the healing of damaged tissues. The renewal of lip tissues leads to a fuller and smoother lip, giving you a fresh and younger look.

3.  Face Masks

You might be experiencing an acne or rash breakout on your face and wonder what might be happening. You might not know that dirt and sweat accumulate in the facial pores, and once they are full, the face starts breaking out as it is unable to release its waste. Having face masks saves you from having to purchase other products to get rid of the outbreaks as they help with exfoliation. There are different ingredients in facial masks ranging from ones with fruit vitamins to ones made out of charcoal. They are believed to perform wonders on the face.

Understanding your skin tone helps you know the choice of face mask to make. The available ones in the market include mud, clay, cream, gel, exfoliating, enzyme, and peel-off, among others.


1. Brightening the face

With time, your skin loses its radiance and natural glow. This is due to many different reasons, but with the help of facial masks, you are able to gain nutrients that you might have lost over time hence regaining your glow.

2. Hydration

Most of these masks are imbued with hydrating ingredients hence providing your skin with the moisture that it may require.

3. Acne Controlling

Exfoliating face masks help to unclog facial pores that may be clogged with waste which leads to acne hence reducing the probability of getting a face break out.
Your skin deserves to remain flourishing, and with all these cosmetic products available on the market, achieving that has never been easier.

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